{February 10, 2016}   Random Thought Number 2

Am I the only one who can not type in the dark? I mean I can sit and type something up while looking across the room at something else or sit here and talk to someone and look at them and type whatever it is I am working on with no problem. Right now I am sitting at the computer but I am turned sideways with my feet propped in another chair wrapped in my blanket with the keyboard on my lap looking out the window trying to figure out what the lights outside are between the blinds.

But if I can not sit here in the dark with just the light from the computer and type. I have no idea why but for some odd and very strange reason if it is dark I feel the need to look at the keyboard while I type. even though I don’t need to look at it to type and do not look at it any other time while I do. So the kitchen light is on around the corner and to be honest I don’t think it is really lighting up the room enough to make a difference, I think most all the light that is lighting the room is from the computer but for my brain it works and I am able to type.

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