{March 12, 2016}   New Pet’s

My 5 year old wants guinea pigs, he has been asking for a few months now. The 10 year old wants a Tortoise. He has been asking forever. I guess since the 5 year old heard the 10 year old talking about a pet he figured he would jump on the wagon.

I have told my 10 year old that if he could keep his room clean daily like he is supposed to for three months he could have a tortoise. His room has been something that we have gone around about for a long time now. The therapist I think thought oh it isn’t that bad but, she seen it the other week and couldn’t believe it.

She knows we do not keep our house that way and that he knows how to clean it and that I am not asking for it to be spotless or anything like that. Just everything off the floor and put in the boxes in the closet or toy boxes. Just not tossed in mounds all over the floor ankle high and your stepping on things and kicking them out of the way to get through and things are getting broken because they are not being seen and getting stepped on.

They have always known the rule on pets is that if it is in a cage they have to be able to take care of it and clean the cage and things. I am not taking on a cage to clean. I will help now and then if need be, but for the most part it is up to them to take care of. I have to much to do already. I have said this on here before I am sure. To me if he refuses or dose not care anymore about his toys, games, books, his things and room over all and keeps it that way he is not responsible enough to take care of a pet.

He says he wants to get this thing and keep it forever, teach it tricks and train it to be able to walk around his house like a dog and use a doggy door. And it is something he could very well do in time if he really studied and took care of it properly. But I do not feel he is going to stick to cage cleaning and doing the things for it he needs to if he can’t keep his room clean and take care of the none living things I have gotten him. Or to have enough respect for me to keep his room clean when it’s about the only thing I ask of them.

I decided that I would let my two little’s get pets since they are really the only one in the house that dose not have a pet that is their own. Them and my oldest I should say. She wants a lizard but I told her same she has to keep her room clean and she isn’t hear enough to take care of it. I am not taking care of it when she is gone all the time and I am not making her brothers take care of it. She will be gone for weeks at a time not like over night at a friends or something. I have my frogs, the oldest boy child has his Beta fish he got last April. Longest a Beta has ever lasted in our house. My oldest had one but he only lasted a day or two. My youngest dumped bubble bath in the water. I dumped it and tried to get it in fresh water but probably didn’t help as I ran it under the tap for water. Had told oldest to put the soap up many times and not have it in her room and down where it could be gotten by the little.

Anyway, I decided it would be nice to let the little’s get something. I have my 5 gallon tank sitting here empty and it is just going to end up stuffed somewhere because I want to see how the big tank ends up working for my frogs and I will need the little tank if I move. I move to far I am not going to chance taking this big tank with me probably. It will take up room and keeping it from getting broken. My little I can sit in the floor of my truck half full of water and move my frogs in it. Plus just sit it on a counter if I don’t have room for a big tank set up.

I thought of Hermit Crabs they are pretty easy to take care of and they can take them out and hold them some if they want to. Tank isn’t hard to clean my 5 year old should be able to scoop it and then one of us help him do a good clean now and then when it needs done. Tonight after dinner we went to the pet store and ended up bring home three Hermit Crabs. I felt bad the oldest boy child wanted one, I told him no to start with this was the little kids pets and he had his fish. We were there looking at them and the little’s were picking theirs out he was looking at them. He said before at home he would help them take care of them and clean their cage. After the little’s picked the ones they wanted I told him to go ahead and pick one out. That we would try letting him have one too since he offered to help the little’s take care of theirs. I figure it will be a test too, to see how he is with really helping them and taking care of them and the cage. If he don’t do it then I will tell him his goes to the little kids, they can change his name and take him out and play with it with their others and he is not allowed to mess with them. Or he will have to give his away. He feeds his fish he don’t really change the water I do it for him or his dad helps him if he comes over. It’s a little harder to me because it is only a couple gallon tank and things.

They are so cute with their crabs. My 3 year old heard the lady say they would bite and got scared of them. Before that she was picking it up and looking at them. After that she didn’t even want to hold the box. She hold it between her fingers and hold it out away from her. My 5 year old thinks they are so cool. They couldn’t wait to get them out of the box and play with them why I was trying to get the tank set up. The oldest boy child is scared to pick them up when they come out of their shell. It is so funny. He screamed like a girl tonight it was about to fall off the table he was scared to touch it. Not funny but funny at the same time. I know he will get use to them. After a little while he would pick it up from behind while it was out.

We have Flash, Bumble Bee and Princess the Hermit Crabs.


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