{March 22, 2016}   Flexible Job

I have been racking my brain and searching like crazy trying to find some kind of job that I can do from home or something I can start to work from home. Last week I went and met with a man about renting a space to open a store. The space was a small space but it is in a high traffic area for kids and their parents. That is great since I want to sell children s things. It was very reasonably priced, He only wanted $300 a month for rent and that included lights and water. But then I started checking into other things I would need and the things I would need just to fix the place up a little. It had to be painted and I needed a large rug for the floor then just some shelves. I checked into all the licenses I would need and crunched numbers with money and I just didn’t feel I could do it. I would need it to start making money from the start, no time to wait for it to start making money. Right now I would need it to pay the rent for the shop, my rent at home, all the sales and other taxes on top of a phone. If I done it I would have nothing left to fall back on. The guy was supper nice and really wanted me to take the space. I was really studying if I could have enough room and looking around. He asked what was  wrong if the rent was to much what I would need to rent it. I told him I was wanting to make sure that it would give me enough room. We were talking about what it would cost to move in, he had said first last and deposit, then he said lets just say first and deposit we don’t need to worry about last I trust you and think it will be fine. I told him I had to think about it. After I got home and crunched the numbers I just couldn’t do it.

The space would not have given me room to take the kids with me I would have to have a sitter and that would have added to what I needed to make every month. Right now would have been ok because Father of the year isn’t working but I can’t count on that. I was hoping to have something with a small office space I could set a room up for them to play and do school work.

I am back to looking and trying to find something, I have all the time in the world and little money. Story of my life it seems. I have thought about one of these where you sell stuff but I really don’t know who would buy it. My friends and family are just not into that kind of thing. It kind of reminds me of the kids who get sent home from school with the fliers to sell stuff. I did try it once and no one showed up and the company went out of business before I even got to try and make anything of it. It really sucked and kind of turned me off to that kind of thing. All though I think if I could do good if I could find something to buy and sell or make and sell that you don’t have to be to crafty to do. I am not crafty. Even if I could find something to sell on Etsy or Ebay. Even if it didn’t bring in a ton of money right away I wouldn’t have all the expenses.

I was going to become a Notary before and just never did it. I was looking into it the other night and if you are a notary you can also pay and take a class to be a signing agent for loans. I am thinking about doing it. I would get the information emailed or mailed to me, they would give me the information for the people who need to sign and then I would contact them and meet with them to get everything done. Once it is done I would make sure it got back to the office that asked me to do the job. I would just have to make sure it is all done right and turned in on time. I would travel to the people and set up a time that works best for them and me to go. From what I have found they make between $250 to $300 sometimes more depending how far away it is and how big of a package of information and things. I have also read that it is a sellers market in my area right now and that there are not many homes in the area for sale. But it isn’t just for people buying it is for refinance and things as well.

As a notary I can do weddings, so I have been giving this a lot of thought the last few nights. I think I am going to become a notary, advertise to do weddings. I make $30 for doing the wedding then travel fees depending how far away it is how long I have to be there and things. I am thinking of doing this really advertising for them and other normal notary things. Putting all the money but what it cost me for gas away to take the class to do the other. Or just taking it and hope to make the money back quickly. I will have to decide tonight. It won’t cost as much as opening the store but still about $400 for the class a license and everything.

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