Hope everyones having a better day than I am. It’s not that its been a bad day really. I just can’t get into the idea of celebrating Easter this year. I don’t know why I have done nothing but dread it coming every since I seen it was this month. I waited until late yesterday to even think about geting the kids stuff for their baskets. I had to force myself to do that. First year ever i did very simple basic baskets. A sand pail stuffed bunny, candy bunny and three or so other candies and thats it. They colored eggs late last night and we are going to my sisters for dinner. We are supposed to be there in about 20 Minutes and i just put the stuff in to cook about 40 minutes ago. I truely didn’t figure they would be ready til about 5:30-6. I guess for once they are ready. I’m sure i will hear shit about it but I really don’t care.

I put stuff in the oven came in my room laid here and cried for a bit and felt lead to come here. So now I’m doing this. I don’t know why I have just had this void or empty feeling or that dum and glum feeling. I do feel a little better after crying but still not looking foward to the rest of the evening. 

Guess I better go finish this food get dressed and get everyone out of here.


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