{May 2, 2016}   No Computer Still

I haven’t had my computer for a while to get on line and not able to post from my phone very well at all. I was supposed to get a new one tax time but needed to fix the truck and take care of other things for the house and kids. Of course that all comes first because we have to have a ride and a place to stay, the kids can’t go naked as much as some of them wish they could. If all works out I should be able to get one about the middle of June. Unless something else happens or comes up. It time it will happen I am sure. I have one picked out and can’t wait to get it. I have been watching it for a while now. It’s a basic lap top, but I think it is good enough to last me another 3 to 5 years. I have had this one since 2009 but if it last that long I will be amazed. Most things I buy I look to get 3 to 5 years out of before having to replace it. It seems to work out pretty good. Some things last longer some I make work until I can replace it if I need to. By that point I am ready for a change when I can make one any way. If it is still good I sell it to help pay for whatever I am getting next or donate it if it is still good but not get much out of it. It just comes down to if it is worth the time and hassel of waiting for people to show up and not or trying to talk you down to nothing on it. I am getting ready to sell my oldest bedroom set and but her and the little one bunk beds and new dresser. I really just need the bunk beds but her set is the bed, dresser, chest and desk with hutch. I rather sell it all together I can get more and have already priced out what we will probably get. I think I can sell the set and pay for most if not all of it. I already have a big chest of draw that will match so they will just need the bed and another chest or dresser.

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