{June 30, 2016}   Kids are Funny

I am sitting here working on school stuff in my room why the kids watch tv and use the computer in the living-room. My little guy fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got in from school and running around about 4:30. He just come running into my room all up set telling me the older kids wouldn’t give him breakfast and he was really hungry. Then he looks at me with big eyes and says and school I got to get to school I need breakfast first. I looked at him and said it’s night time it’s dinner time. Poor kid looked so confused, he must have had a really good nap for that couple hours to think he done sleep til morning.


{June 30, 2016}   To Long to Get into a Routine

I have noticed that as soon as I feel that I have a routine figured out and starting to get classes under control it’s the end of the term or just about the end of the term and time to start new ones. Then the whirlwind of trying to get a routine down again starts. I can’t really keep the same one and just change what classes I’m working on because I don’t always take the same number of classes, they are due different days, some have two days stuff is due and some are due on days that I have other things and can’t work on them. So I have to see what days each one is due then if it interferes with something else set it up due early so that I can get both things done.

At least the next two terms the classes will be longer. This term they started mid May and will be done the first week of August. The next ones will start August and end the first week of December. Then January til May. Then I will hopefully only have one more of these short terms and I will be done. Unless I take the rest of the aging classes and have problems with my math class. Then I will have to do one more fall term. Right now I am not liking the aging part and thinking about not doing the other two classes for it and just get my degree in domestic violence. If I do the aging I will have a certificate in Aging matters. I keep telling myself that it is only two more classes but I still just don’t know if I want to do it. The one class I am taking now is part of the problems I am having keeping up with the rest of my classes. I think the same teacher has all three classes. I guess we will see.

{June 29, 2016}   Re:Shipping Delays

We thought we could put the bed up with what we had since we had bunk boards but that didn’t work. Lucky the slats came the next evening and we got it all up and they were able to sleep in them. I ended up having to look the beds up to see something about them while we were putting them together and the lady didn’t refund me because of Shipping Delays like she said. She gave me a refund because the bed had went on sale after I ordered it and before it could even get to my house. They would have refunded that money had I known and said something to start with. She says she is going to give me a refund because it was late. Oh well at least it got here and it didn’t cost me to much extra since the second one cost more than the first.

My Little Bitty finally went and got in her bed and slept after her friend got upset and left the other night. The next night I asked her how she liked her new bed? She said it was really cold. Their room is the coldest in the house. I told her to wear clothes to bed she wouldn’t be as cold and that I would fix the vent to see if that helped. She told me you don’t wear clothes to bed you supposed to sleep naked. She sleeps in her underwear. I told her no some people wear clothes to bed and went in there and showed her that sissy had clothes on. Well pajamas anyway. She said ok I gave her a shirt and told her to at least wear that. She still insisted on sleeping with me that night. I said I thought you liked your new bed? She said I do a little but I like yours too. But she wore her shirt all night I was surprised. She hates clothes she runs around in her underwear all time when we are home. If we go somewhere as soon as she gets in the door she strips she isn’t even home two minutes. I put her in her gown or something for bed and when we get up in the morning she had gotten up in the night taken it off and tossed it in the floor. I gave up trying to get her to wear something to bed. She has about 5 blankets scattered on her bed she sleeps all in and always covers herself up. Most the time she is covered from head to toe with her blanket. She has been that way since she was a baby. Her first night in her big girl bed I went in there she was had her head at the foot, her feet propped up on the pillow sticking from under her blanket and the rest of her covered up. I can’t say I blame her I don’t like wearing clothes either. I get dressed when I have to go somewhere that’s it, other than that at home I am in a night gown or some big t shirt and a pair of shorts or lounge pants. At least she did sleep in her bed last night without me having to let her sleep in mine and then moving her like the night before.

{June 28, 2016}   Missing Paperwork

Today I call the judge to get a court date and the JA tells me we do not have all our paperwork turned it. We need a marital settlement agreement. She says we did not turn one in, I tried telling her that the paperwork says that if we used this other form we did not need that and she insisted we need it anyway because without it the judge don’t know what we agreed to. If they would look at the rest of the papers they would know because it is all in there and if they would take 5 minutes to do their job and know what papers are needed with what papers they would know the other paper takes the place of what she is asking for. But instead of doing their job they force you to fill out and file extra papers. Of course it is not one of the ones that you can fill out online, I have to print it out fill it out. I also have to do a new child support guidelines worksheet because now he is supposed to have this job. It is the only thing I was really worried about holding the case up since we weren’t able to fill it out all the way.

This week is a supper busy week, now I have to fill these out and get a time we both can go back to the court house or somewhere and get it notarized and turned it. If I can get it in tomorrow or the next day then I can get a court date for next Wednesday July the 6. He already said he is not going to come to court if he don’t have to and he will probably be working by then anyhow. He don’t want to have to ask for time off as soon as he starts. My sister said she would watch the kids for me so I can go. I don’t really want to go, I don’t like court rooms. I don’t know why or what it is, I can only think of three times I was ever in one. That was once when my mom was going to court over my sister with my step dad, once for jury duty and the one time I went trying to get this divorce settled. It isn’t like anything is going to happen, the judge is either going to grant it or deny it and tell me what I have to do to get it put through. But I would rather go take a test than go to court. Isn’t that crazy. I guess maybe because I want this done more than anything right now, I have had to do it all myself and get it put through and the last time the judge wasn’t very nice. He was but he wasn’t, he wasn’t happy I did it myself, that I didn’t ask for more and was looking for any reason to not grant it. I guess he is use to seeing these women in there who try and take these guys to the cleaners and I truly don’t care to do that. I just want my divorce, to be free from him and done with when it comes to us from now on. If he pays whatever they say he needs to pay or what that is truly fine with me. So I take him to the cleaners get all this on paper he has to do this, that and the other, it is not worth anything more than the paper it is written on if he don’t pay it or can’t pay it. Then I am back in court fighting to get him to pay it or doing without it just like I would be if I never was given it to start with. I rather not bother with it because i know he can’t pay it. I also have nothing to wear to court really. I guess I will wear my green shirt and see if I can fit into my black slacks or have to wear my black jeans. I just hope we can get this in tomorrow. But I am not sure how I will because I have therapy with one kid, and dentist with two while he takes my sister and her baby to the heart doctor. Tomorrow is the only day the lady is at the court house to do it so I guess we will see what happens.

{June 26, 2016}   Not What I needed

I thought the last few times I drove my truck it acted like it didn’t have much power and windows and things were going up and down slow. Well last night Father of the Year took my mom to the store and she asked if he would get my truck so they could move something. He called and said he didn’t know if he was going to make it back to her house with it much less get it back to mine. Lucky he made it to her house but there was no way it was going to make it home so I had to leave it there for the night. The alternator went out in it. I had to get one today to put on it. Luckly it is on and running again and not down long. I am glad it didn’t quit on me and the kids why we were out somewhere in it. I didn’t think about it being the alternator when it seem to run funny, I really wasn’t sure figured a coil pack and that the window motor was going.

I got online to look for parts and seen I had a message from a friend, she said she was coming to town for the night and wanted to know if I could babysit for her. I probably shouldn’t have but I told her I would. I have a tone of school work due tomorrow. But I need to make some of this I had to spend today back. It is going out faster than it is coming in right now. Not like it would be hard she just go along with the others and play. She stayed until about 12am they were all laying on the couches watching tv and she came over told me she needed me to call her mom. I told her mommy was going to pick her up in the morning. She said well I need you to call her now, I need to talk to her. I called and as soon as mommy got on the phone the tears came. So mommy came and got her. I had one crying she wanted to go home and one crying because she didn’t want her to go home. She wanted to have her sleepover. She don’t understand she is little too and not use to being away from her mommy and daddy and don’t know us well. I tried to give them half the money back since she didn’t say the night and things but they wouldn’t take it. So that was an easy $40 and I don’t have to get up with kids bright and early in the morning. I am not a morning person but I do it when I have to.

I am still haven’t done my work, I have three projects due tomorrow. It isn’t because she was here or anything like that. It is all me, I can’t sit and focus on it. It just seems like they go over board on the work they want us to do. Every lesson is answer these questions in a report and make sure your paper is formatted this way and you have this and that to go with it. I know we can’t just answer with a little short answer, but at the same time we shouldn’t have to write a page or two report for every assignment.  I have to interview someone and still haven’t done that. I have to call my friends mom and interview her I guess. I hate this one because I hate asking people about their personal lives and nosy questions. It isn’t a big deal but it still just bothers me. I’m not even sure if the questions I put together are that good but it will have to do. I am trying not to be to prying but get the assignment done.

That feeling just won’t go away, the more I have it the more I feel like the things we are doing are trivial and are going to be meaning less compared to whatever it is that is about to happen. I was telling my friend about it last night when I was going to check my truck and things and my oldest heard me. She said it sounds like the end is coming and some will be taken and the others will be left behind. Later I was talking to Father Of The Year about the truck and some how it came up. I said I had this feeling that something large scale is about to happen and that whatever it was would be known globally and be big. But that whatever it was would be very quick just done and over before you really even knew what happen or that something happen. The first words out of his mouth were maybe it is the rapture. I thought it was odd that they both said that I had not said anything about anything like that. Just that something big was going to happen on a very large global type scale. I mean I feel like your not going to have to talk to anyone, read a newspaper or even watch a tv. Whatever it is when it happens you are going to know and you are going to know that everyone everywhere no matter where they are knows about it too.

I said well if that is what it is then I am not to happy about it, because I was still here and knew something was going on. If that is what it is then I want to go when everyone else goes. But I know that is not what it is because my kids are with me. I keep seeing this picture in my mind of us after whatever it is and we are outside looking around and looking into the sky. Something is going over but I don’t know what it is. I can’t see it just shadows like on things around as it goes over. But it is odd because I know we aren’t at our house either. I don’t know where we are.

{June 25, 2016}   Contaminated Water

As I said in my other post My New Hobby I bought a fish tank a couple days ago. Well my plant started to look bad it is turning brown and yellow all over all of a sudden today. I tested the water everything is pretty good but the ammonia is high. I put the prime in to take care of it and tonight it is just as high or higher. I read it said I need to do a water change of about 20% every few days until I get it to 0. I don’t know why but something said test my water before I did all that. I tested the tap water and it is high in it as well. It tested as high or higher than the water in the tank. So what am I going to accomplish by doing a 20% water change? I ended up going to get gallons of spring water and put 18 gallons in and it did nothing. I am hoping that it just needs more time to cycle through and mix since I did it not long after putting it in. I also put more prime in to get it out.

I got to thinking about it all and I then tested my tank in the other room that has no pump a fish, plant and some snails living in it to see how it tested out. It has not been cleaned or anything in at least a week maybe more. This was my test results. The first one is the fish tank and the second is my tap water.


The tap water is full of ammonia. A big thing came out about a month ago that the water company has been hiding stuff and the water had unsafe levels of stuff in it that could cause cancer and things. They say it is stuff the put in the water to treat it. I guess now they use ammonia and chloride of some type. I didn’t think you were supposed to mix the two but who knows. They say that when you leave it sit out over night everything dissolves out of it. I left some sit out over night and retested and it was just as green as before I put it there. They also say that if you get a filter it filters it out. I assumed that if this has been found out about and they are in trouble and being fined over it then they are fixing it. If they have just put to much of something in then they should be able to lower it and get it right and by now it should be fixed. But then talking with others I guess they haven’t and aren’t doing anything as of yet to fix it and it seems that it has gotten worse since not better. I been saying for a while now the tea taste funny and what they did different to it and things. Then I started noticing that when I drink it my mouth feels funny and kind of numb. The therapist said she researched it and it is bad to drink but even worse to bath or swim in. You shouldn’t have it in contact with your skin. So now I have to buy filters for the house because after seeing this I know they aren’t doing anything and probably won’t.

{June 24, 2016}   Moody and Shifting

I have been so moody lately I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin at times and I don’t want to be around myself. I don’t know if you would call it a good mood or what kind of mood you say I am in. I feel fine until something happens or the least little thing bothers me then I’m just in a really bad mood and don’t want to be bothered or bother doing anything. I get snappy. But then the rest of the time I’m good. Inside I feel like there is something big about to happen. It’s so hard to explain. It’s like everything here at my house or with my house is good but on a much larger scale there is this shifting happening and something big is going to happen that effects everyone as a whole not just me, if that makes since. Maybe you would call it an uneasy feeling. Maybe that is why everything has been getting to me as well because I am just wishing whatever it is would just happen so we can all deal with it and move on. I feel that whatever it is will happen quick, it will be done and over with, but it will take a while to recover, it will be remembered from now on and we will have to move on from it and some thing’s will never be the same again. I feel like it is going to happen sooner than later. Everyday I feel like whatever it is, is closer than ever to happening. Like it could happen at any minute. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. It would be more of a oh so that’s it kind of moment.

{June 24, 2016}   Shipping Delays

As you know from my Furniture Store post I ordered the girls a new bed. My Little Bitty was already very upset when we took her bed down and didn’t have her new one. I ordered the new one and told her it would be here but it was going to be kind of a long time. When your 3 a week and a half is forever. She has been talking daily about her bed since the mattress for it has come and then after I told her it as going to take along time for the bed part it showed up Tuesday or Wednesday. She was so excited it showed up. Then I start looking it is only part of the bed, the first one came in one big box. This one comes in three boxes and the other two wouldn’t be here until today. It’s after 4 and they still haven’t come. I looked about 3 and it said one was on the truck to come today and the other just left Texas at 4:??am it won’t be here until tomorrow now.

I chatted with someone online and ask them why it said it would be here today and one box came days ago and now they are saying that one will not be here until tomorrow? Why would you ship one bed in three boxes from 3 different places so they all show up at different times instead of making it so they all show up together? It’s inconvenience to have boxes of bed parts laying around all over for a week before you have it all and can put it together. Thank God I have the extra room out there or they would be in the middle of my living room. Not only that now I have someone to put them together tonight because they are supposed to be here by today and I have promised they were going up today, to my little one who has waited forever.

The lady said oh yeah you got one early then there is this one that is coming tomorrow the 24th and then one today they will be there on time. I said to her like three times now they are supposed to be here today the 24th not tomorrow the 24 tomorrow is not the 24th. Then she was like oh well sorry they ship them from all over and they will be brought by different trucks because they are coming from different centers even if they come the same day. I said when they all hit my town if they all come in the same day they all go on the same truck they don’t have three different trucks that come to my house. Each driver has their routes and their area. Just like the mail. She finally said I am going to refund you 10 and some change because it shouldn’t be done like this. Then before it was done she said they are refunding me $13 and change. I just want them to look into why it is done this way and why they have said it shipped over a week ago and then today they are saying no it just shipped today.

The last bed I ordered came in 4 or 5 days from Arizona. The first box of this bed came in right around 4 or 5 days then the other two boxes are taking a week and half. Why not send it all from where ever the first of the 3 boxes came from so it will come in just a few days. Plus I would think that shipping it all together from the same location would cost less in shipping than sending it from three different places.

My Little Bitty ran up and said oh I get my bed today so excited, she heard me say something to one of the kids about it. I had to tell her no it all wouldn’t be here until tomorrow or the next day now it is running late. She looked so disappointing. She has been waiting for me to be able to order it for a few months now and now to have to wait on all this.

{June 23, 2016}   No Court Date

I called today to get a court date to hopefully get this divorce over with. The judges JA said they were not giving anymore court dates. She said that as of the 5 of July they will be going to only criminal court and my case will be going to a different judge. She said they are not giving no more court dates for family court. I asked her if I could get a date for after the 5 and she said I would have to call the new judges JA and ask them if they could or would go ahead and set up a date. Of course I called and called them and they never answered so I am going to try and call back tomorrow. I am hoping they will go ahead and give me a day instead of making me wait until the 5 to even get one. I would think they would go ahead and start setting dates now so that when the 6 and things roll around they have cases to hear but who knows. I am sure if they already know this is happening they have send the cases over probably so the judge will have time to go over the case before then too. I don’t really think they look at much and probably just have the JA check to make sure everything is there and legal.

I am still worried they are going to say something about the child support worksheet since our income didn’t meet it then we couldn’t do it. The only other thing I am worried about is my little bitty and they are going to want a paternity test on her. I don’t have a bunch of money to spend on a test. I just pray that it isn’t a big deal he signed saying she wasn’t his I did and I wasn’t even living near him I was living with RC at the time.

I know to put them on the birth certificate it isn’t hard if you get married and there is no one on it whoever you marry can sign saying they are the father and no one questions it they put them right one. I don’t see if we are both saying we know she isn’t his then why we should have to get a test to prove she isn’t.

I know this judge he was pretty fair in criminal cases and not to hard so I am hoping that he is the same way when it comes to this. Now I am stressing because I just want it done and over with. I had prepared myself to wait the ten days to get a date but then when she said I could call today I was glad thinking I could be in court in a few weeks now I am back to waiting. I just don’t want him to change his mind or start getting nasty and cause problems. Or change his mind once he has time to think about it or bring it up to others and they start telling him he needs to do this or that. Once it goes to court and final I am not worried about to much because I know he isn’t going to go to court and do anything he don’t know how and even if he got help or wanted to the way he takes forever to do something he would never “find” the time to do it. It would get put off and put off.

{June 23, 2016}   My New Hobby


I probably shouldn’t have but I bought this 55 gallon fish tank yesterday. I have been wanting one for a really long time bu they cost a lot to get everything and get a good set up. I bought a tank a year or so ago but ended up getting rid of it because it was just to much to buy the stand, pumps, hoods, and everything else to set it up. I had decided to just wait until we move to get one and set up. Then I was looking at the offerup app and found this one a guy had. It was to good of a deal to not inquire about. I figured it was an old picture they it was sitting somewhere stored, it leaked or something. He replied said there was nothing wrong with it and it was $100 for everything. I told him I would like to see it he said to come the next morning. We set a time and then in a little bit he messaged saying I could have the fish that were in it for free if I wanted them, that he would give me the master test kit, the hose to clean it and a bunch of other stuff if I wanted it. I ask what kind of fish was in it and he told me. Not anything I had really heard of but the Betta. My big boy has a 5 gallon with one in it, I told him we would put a divider in it and stick him in that so I could put other fish in the big tank. A yo yo loach I had to look that up and then some tetra. I told him sure I would take them. What would he do with them if I didn’t he be stuck with fish and no tank. They weren’t anything that would keep me from getting others.

I got there he still had it set up with the fish and plants in it. He said he wanted me to see it set up and working before he broke it all down. Then we took it down and he said they had a big bin full of castles and things for it he was going to also just give me but then he couldn’t find it. They have stuff all over trying to move and down size too. But I wasn’t worried about that it wasn’t a big deal. I just expected the tank not all he had already given me. I wasn’t sure about getting it, I didn’t know where I would put it and really shouldn’t have spent the money. But just the night before I found the boys a chest for their room, I had this other that was in my room I ended up putting in theirs left a big empty wall so I set it up in my bedroom. I seen it and it was everything down to heater rocks fish lights just move and set up I figured for $100 I couldn’t go wrong. If I had to I could turn around and sell it for that easy and get my money back.

After I got it full and tested the water it showed everything was pretty much right where it should be. I went to get some prime to get the few things that were off in check. I talked to the guy there had him test it to be sure I did it all right. He said it looked good and it was ready for fish. He said I should wait at least 24 to 36 hours but then should be fine. The next day I went to the pet store I go to for most all my stuff. I like them better I but they are a lot farther from my house. I go to the other mostly for guppies and shrimp because they are much cheaper than the one I like for them. But I started talking to one of the employee’s and I told him I just got it and set it up the day before he talked to me for a long time about it and gave me advice. He said chemical wise it was ready but for the bacteria and things to build up and to get stable better it was best to wait two to three weeks and at the least a week. He said I may not see problems right now but that the odds were down the road in a few weeks or months I would have problems. He said since I had fish at home already I could0 introduce them a couple at a time every few days to help build it up since I did have some of the old water it would help build it up a little faster. He said add a couple and then just watch them and keep a check on it for a day or two and if they seem ok to add a couple more. In a week if it is going good with no major spikes or anything then I should be able to put them back in their tank and start putting others in here. I just put the loach back in and a few guppies to start. So far so good.

He seem to know what he was talking about more than the guy at the other store. He told me he had like three tanks bigger than this one at home and that just about everyone there had at least one tank and most more than one so any of them could really help me out if he wasn’t there and help me get it set up so that my fish would last a long time and my tank will stay clean and I won’t have to mess with it much like my smaller ones. I told him this is all new to me I am use to the smaller tanks I just start with spring water and add more when it needs it and don’t really have to clean it and don’t have to add chemicals and things. He said I shouldn’t have to add any to this or clean it once it gets going good if i do like they say and let it do what it needs to do before I start putting a bunch of fish in and to add just a few at a time once I decide to start buying some as well.

The tank came with the two big plants on either end and another a little smaller that I put in with the frogs. I knew they would like the wood to hide under and things. The plant its self, I really don’t like the plant or the big rocks it is hooked too. I bought a couple by accident for my frog tank and just didn’t like them. I tried to get a hold of my friend to see if he wanted them or could put them in his tank but haven’t heard back from him. I took the one that is in the middle of the tank above out of the frog tank and put in this one. I have had it for years it outgrew the 5 gallon so I put it in the 20 when I moved the frogs but it is starting to outgrow it too. I wouldn’t mind having some more of it to put across the back or arrange in there. I also want to get the baby dwarf tears plant and let it grow across the bottom like grass. I tried that with my frog tank and it didn’t work. I am going to talk to the guy at the pet store and ask him how I should do that so that it grows and don’t just come lose and float all over.

When we were talking I told him it came with a big bunch of plants that I was trying to get out of there as well so I could put some different ones I would need to figure out what I could put in that would last. He said he would take the plants if I didn’t want them. He has a 250 gallon tank he is trying to get plants build up in. He said it’s hard to fill one that big then the fish mess them up and things on top of it. I told him I didn’t live close but would be back up next week probably when I was able to get fish to put in it and that I would bring them then he could have them. The one came lose from the rock now the rock is sitting on it to hold it down or it tries to float around the tank. I don’t know why they put them on the rocks, I guess to hold them in place and be able to move them. But the one in the middle I have moved and moved and never had it attached to anything. I cover the roots with the gravel when I put it in place and it just grows. I decide to move it I just uncover it like a plant in dirt and move it.

It is really kind of nice having it here in my room, it’s on the wall across from the foot of my bed. I can sit here and write and look at it or just lay here and watch the fish swim around in it.

I also have to ask him about the heater it has almost a new heater but it showing the water staying between about 75 and 80 degrees. I ask the guy I bought it from and he said they kept it on but that they kept it really cold in their house too. I keep my house around 79 to 80 in the day and 76 to 77 when we go to bed. I think it should be fine. They say my frogs are sensitive to temperature too but I have never had a heater on them even in the winter and have had no problems. Reading up on it they say that the little tank will cool down faster than the bigger tank of course so I think it should be find.

I think I want to get 3 or 4 groups of schooling fish maybe 4 to 6 fish for each group and put in there. I don’t want just a handful of bigger fish and the tank look empty. But I don’t want to over stock it either. They said I can put probably about 20 to 30 fish. I am thinking more on the 20 side. I guess I will have to see what it looks like when I get them in there. Plus I have to have room for the shrimp. I like to keep shrimp and snails in tanks, the shrimp are just as neat to watch as the fish sometimes and help keep it clean.

I got it home the kids said oh we got a new tank! I said no I got a new tank it is going in my room and I am setting it up with what I want in it. They don’t care they just want to name all the fish. I told them go for it. If I have that many I’m not going to be naming them and trying to keep up with them.

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