{June 5, 2016}   Safe Because We Have Kids

The other day father of the year was here and I had one of those Starvucks coffee in the bottles. Well I flipped it up like a bat and was swinging it like a bat shaking it up. He said something out of the way his normal being an ass self then tried to play it off as a joke. He turns around and seen me swinging the bottle. I said I’m just shaking my drink if you turned around and got hit it be your own fault. You would have to walk into it your out of reach.

This is when he tells me he is afraid or worried about me doing away with him or doing something to him because we have kids. I was like what? He said yeah you wouldn’t because we have them. Then he pauses for a minute and said now if we didn’t have them I be scared.

All I could do was laugh. First thought I had was he is right. If I did away with him and ended up in jail, who would take care of them. My 2nd thought was if we didn’t have kids it be easy to get away from you without doing away with you. My 3 rd thought was I am not going to jail I never last there I can’t just keep my mouth shut, I don’t take orders and if I was to go it sure wouldn’t be over him. Not because the kids wouldn’t have a dad like I’m sure he was thinking. They would probably be better off without him in the picture playing daddy when he feels like it.

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