I had to take my little bitty and my little man to the doctor today. My little guy is sick and my little bitty had blood work to check her thyroid about a month ago and I had not heard back about it.

We get there and they tell us that our doctor is out of the country for two weeks we would see the others. No problem it’s her husband we have not been seen by him but have seen him in the office and everyone talks as highly of him as her.

Both kids jump up on the table and are waiting, he comes in ask what we are there to be seen for. I tell him that little guy is sick and we just needed results for little bitty. He says so she isn’t sick or anything? He goes over and checks little guy all out the ears nose throat says he has an infection and stuff in his lungs that he is going to put him on meds and ask if we have a breathing machine at home to use. He then says he is going to go see if he can find her blood work and the nurse is going to come run some more test on little guy. No sooner than he closes the door my little bitty starts.

He didn’t give me a check up just little guy, why dose he get a check up and I don’t? He isn’t even sick he just ate to much today and choked on his food, that’s why he is coughing so much. If he hadn’t eaten to much he wouldn’t have choked on his food. He isn’t sick but he gets a check up.

I laughed so hard because she really gets into it when she feels she didn’t get what she was supposed to or brother got something she didn’t. When she gets excited about something she starts making these faces and moving her hands around while she talks.

I guess she thinks the only reason you cough is because you are choking. He was being seen for coughing and not feeling good.


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