{June 20, 2016}   Dinosaur Day

As some of you may remember back in September I told the boys I would take them to a place called Dinosaur World that is a couple hours away from us. It was supposed to be a birthday trip for them since their birthday are only 14 days apart. The day I got my money and was to plan the trip is when I totaled my truck, not only did we not have a way to go but money either. I had to use it and then some to put my truck back together. I had planed to take them sometime this summer once I got money. Well last weekend I seen a thing on line for a big dinosaur exbit that was going to be only about an hour away from home and it was supposed to have rides and other things besides just the dinosaurs. I talked to the kids and they said yes they would like to go to it instead of the other since the other didn’t have rides and other things.

All week I debated buying tickets online or waiting and buying them at the door. If you bought online you would get in for sure, if you waited they could sell out and you not get it in. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like I should buy them online, then I forgot about it Friday night before I went to bed. When we got there I was glad we hadn’t gotten them online, the line for the people who had was backed way up. The at the door ticket line we walked right up and bought tickets to get in.

The first room you walk into was a huge room and they had all these different areas sectioned off and huge dinosaurs in them with trees and things all around. They were huge towering over everyone. All the kids thought they were really neat. After that we went out to another building and they just had a bunch of craft stations, a place to buy candy and a store area nothing to see or do really. The rest was outside in an open porch area. They had a few little one set up you could sit on and take pictures that were like statues and a few bigger ones in the field to look at on the way. Once we got out there we seen the “rides” They had 5 different dinosaurs set up they were just on these little stands the kids sat in a seat on their back and their head and arms moved around. No ride at all just sit there why this thing moves it’s head and arms around. Of course you had to stand in a different line for each one forever before they could sit on it. We stood in three of those lines. Then they had and area with about large dinosaurs set up in it and the kids sat on them and they walked at about a mill a miter a second from one side to the other. They had handles the kids pushed a button on either side to make it go left or right to keep from running into each other. The parents stood next to them as it went along. This line was backed out from where the ride was across the place and out the door just about when we left. It was pretty long when we first got in it. I had the other kids go stand in line for it why I stood in line for the little two at the other rides. Because no one told me when I was buying my older two tickets that cost more so they could ride the rides too that they were way to big for them. My oldest was so bored and hot, my big boy enjoyed seeing the big dinosaurs and taking pictures. My Little Guy loved it and the “rides” Little Bitty was wanting no part of it. She refused to get on  first one my Little Guy went on, then fell a sleep why we were waiting in line for the other three. She woke up why we were waiting for the one that walked across the thing and decided she wanted to try it and liked it but even she thought it went to slow. She told me a few times make it faster and was pushing the buttons trying to get it to go faster.

Over all I would rate it a 1 out of 5. Most the other parents didn’t look real happy about what the rest past the first building turned out to be either. But you spend so much money to get in and the kids think its cool so you stay and stand in lines in the heat with sweat pouring off of you so they can sit on a dinosaur while it moves it’s head around. Out of the 4 hours we were there I would say that all but 45 minutes was spent standing in the heat in a line and walking a mile to get to and from where the “rides” were. For the price they could have had a lot more stuff and real rides not what they had. Then all they had outside you could buy to drink was $4 cup of lemon aid they didn’t have water or anything else to drink you could buy without going all the way back to the front where you came in, to force you into buying it and paying more. The only good thing at all was the people working it really really nice, friendly and helpful.

I think they should drop the rides and charge about $8 a person and that is stitching it even then. But I bet they would see an increase in how many people came. It would make it affordable for people who have more than one or two kids, plus if or when it comes back to town more people would bring their kids back to see it again just to have something to do or because their kids liked it. At the price it is now I don’t think a lot of people would go back if it came back to town. I wouldn’t, I would take that money and do something else with it. My oldest said even going to the zoo would have been better than going there.  I was disappointed because as good as they made it sound I had plan to spend the day there and was ready to go with in half hour to forty five minutes.

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