{June 23, 2016}   No Court Date

I called today to get a court date to hopefully get this divorce over with. The judges JA said they were not giving anymore court dates. She said that as of the 5 of July they will be going to only criminal court and my case will be going to a different judge. She said they are not giving no more court dates for family court. I asked her if I could get a date for after the 5 and she said I would have to call the new judges JA and ask them if they could or would go ahead and set up a date. Of course I called and called them and they never answered so I am going to try and call back tomorrow. I am hoping they will go ahead and give me a day instead of making me wait until the 5 to even get one. I would think they would go ahead and start setting dates now so that when the 6 and things roll around they have cases to hear but who knows. I am sure if they already know this is happening they have send the cases over probably so the judge will have time to go over the case before then too. I don’t really think they look at much and probably just have the JA check to make sure everything is there and legal.

I am still worried they are going to say something about the child support worksheet since our income didn’t meet it then we couldn’t do it. The only other thing I am worried about is my little bitty and they are going to want a paternity test on her. I don’t have a bunch of money to spend on a test. I just pray that it isn’t a big deal he signed saying she wasn’t his I did and I wasn’t even living near him I was living with RC at the time.

I know to put them on the birth certificate it isn’t hard if you get married and there is no one on it whoever you marry can sign saying they are the father and no one questions it they put them right one. I don’t see if we are both saying we know she isn’t his then why we should have to get a test to prove she isn’t.

I know this judge he was pretty fair in criminal cases and not to hard so I am hoping that he is the same way when it comes to this. Now I am stressing because I just want it done and over with. I had prepared myself to wait the ten days to get a date but then when she said I could call today I was glad thinking I could be in court in a few weeks now I am back to waiting. I just don’t want him to change his mind or start getting nasty and cause problems. Or change his mind once he has time to think about it or bring it up to others and they start telling him he needs to do this or that. Once it goes to court and final I am not worried about to much because I know he isn’t going to go to court and do anything he don’t know how and even if he got help or wanted to the way he takes forever to do something he would never “find” the time to do it. It would get put off and put off.

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