{June 25, 2016}   Contaminated Water

As I said in my other post My New Hobby I bought a fish tank a couple days ago. Well my plant started to look bad it is turning brown and yellow all over all of a sudden today. I tested the water everything is pretty good but the ammonia is high. I put the prime in to take care of it and tonight it is just as high or higher. I read it said I need to do a water change of about 20% every few days until I get it to 0. I don’t know why but something said test my water before I did all that. I tested the tap water and it is high in it as well. It tested as high or higher than the water in the tank. So what am I going to accomplish by doing a 20% water change? I ended up going to get gallons of spring water and put 18 gallons in and it did nothing. I am hoping that it just needs more time to cycle through and mix since I did it not long after putting it in. I also put more prime in to get it out.

I got to thinking about it all and I then tested my tank in the other room that has no pump a fish, plant and some snails living in it to see how it tested out. It has not been cleaned or anything in at least a week maybe more. This was my test results. The first one is the fish tank and the second is my tap water.


The tap water is full of ammonia. A big thing came out about a month ago that the water company has been hiding stuff and the water had unsafe levels of stuff in it that could cause cancer and things. They say it is stuff the put in the water to treat it. I guess now they use ammonia and chloride of some type. I didn’t think you were supposed to mix the two but who knows. They say that when you leave it sit out over night everything dissolves out of it. I left some sit out over night and retested and it was just as green as before I put it there. They also say that if you get a filter it filters it out. I assumed that if this has been found out about and they are in trouble and being fined over it then they are fixing it. If they have just put to much of something in then they should be able to lower it and get it right and by now it should be fixed. But then talking with others I guess they haven’t and aren’t doing anything as of yet to fix it and it seems that it has gotten worse since not better. I been saying for a while now the tea taste funny and what they did different to it and things. Then I started noticing that when I drink it my mouth feels funny and kind of numb. The therapist said she researched it and it is bad to drink but even worse to bath or swim in. You shouldn’t have it in contact with your skin. So now I have to buy filters for the house because after seeing this I know they aren’t doing anything and probably won’t.

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