{June 26, 2016}   Not What I needed

I thought the last few times I drove my truck it acted like it didn’t have much power and windows and things were going up and down slow. Well last night Father of the Year took my mom to the store and she asked if he would get my truck so they could move something. He called and said he didn’t know if he was going to make it back to her house with it much less get it back to mine. Lucky he made it to her house but there was no way it was going to make it home so I had to leave it there for the night. The alternator went out in it. I had to get one today to put on it. Luckly it is on and running again and not down long. I am glad it didn’t quit on me and the kids why we were out somewhere in it. I didn’t think about it being the alternator when it seem to run funny, I really wasn’t sure figured a coil pack and that the window motor was going.

I got online to look for parts and seen I had a message from a friend, she said she was coming to town for the night and wanted to know if I could babysit for her. I probably shouldn’t have but I told her I would. I have a tone of school work due tomorrow. But I need to make some of this I had to spend today back. It is going out faster than it is coming in right now. Not like it would be hard she just go along with the others and play. She stayed until about 12am they were all laying on the couches watching tv and she came over told me she needed me to call her mom. I told her mommy was going to pick her up in the morning. She said well I need you to call her now, I need to talk to her. I called and as soon as mommy got on the phone the tears came. So mommy came and got her. I had one crying she wanted to go home and one crying because she didn’t want her to go home. She wanted to have her sleepover. She don’t understand she is little too and not use to being away from her mommy and daddy and don’t know us well. I tried to give them half the money back since she didn’t say the night and things but they wouldn’t take it. So that was an easy $40 and I don’t have to get up with kids bright and early in the morning. I am not a morning person but I do it when I have to.

I am still haven’t done my work, I have three projects due tomorrow. It isn’t because she was here or anything like that. It is all me, I can’t sit and focus on it. It just seems like they go over board on the work they want us to do. Every lesson is answer these questions in a report and make sure your paper is formatted this way and you have this and that to go with it. I know we can’t just answer with a little short answer, but at the same time we shouldn’t have to write a page or two report for every assignment.  I have to interview someone and still haven’t done that. I have to call my friends mom and interview her I guess. I hate this one because I hate asking people about their personal lives and nosy questions. It isn’t a big deal but it still just bothers me. I’m not even sure if the questions I put together are that good but it will have to do. I am trying not to be to prying but get the assignment done.

That feeling just won’t go away, the more I have it the more I feel like the things we are doing are trivial and are going to be meaning less compared to whatever it is that is about to happen. I was telling my friend about it last night when I was going to check my truck and things and my oldest heard me. She said it sounds like the end is coming and some will be taken and the others will be left behind. Later I was talking to Father Of The Year about the truck and some how it came up. I said I had this feeling that something large scale is about to happen and that whatever it was would be known globally and be big. But that whatever it was would be very quick just done and over before you really even knew what happen or that something happen. The first words out of his mouth were maybe it is the rapture. I thought it was odd that they both said that I had not said anything about anything like that. Just that something big was going to happen on a very large global type scale. I mean I feel like your not going to have to talk to anyone, read a newspaper or even watch a tv. Whatever it is when it happens you are going to know and you are going to know that everyone everywhere no matter where they are knows about it too.

I said well if that is what it is then I am not to happy about it, because I was still here and knew something was going on. If that is what it is then I want to go when everyone else goes. But I know that is not what it is because my kids are with me. I keep seeing this picture in my mind of us after whatever it is and we are outside looking around and looking into the sky. Something is going over but I don’t know what it is. I can’t see it just shadows like on things around as it goes over. But it is odd because I know we aren’t at our house either. I don’t know where we are.

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