{June 29, 2016}   Re:Shipping Delays

We thought we could put the bed up with what we had since we had bunk boards but that didn’t work. Lucky the slats came the next evening and we got it all up and they were able to sleep in them. I ended up having to look the beds up to see something about them while we were putting them together and the lady didn’t refund me because of Shipping Delays like she said. She gave me a refund because the bed had went on sale after I ordered it and before it could even get to my house. They would have refunded that money had I known and said something to start with. She says she is going to give me a refund because it was late. Oh well at least it got here and it didn’t cost me to much extra since the second one cost more than the first.

My Little Bitty finally went and got in her bed and slept after her friend got upset and left the other night. The next night I asked her how she liked her new bed? She said it was really cold. Their room is the coldest in the house. I told her to wear clothes to bed she wouldn’t be as cold and that I would fix the vent to see if that helped. She told me you don’t wear clothes to bed you supposed to sleep naked. She sleeps in her underwear. I told her no some people wear clothes to bed and went in there and showed her that sissy had clothes on. Well pajamas anyway. She said ok I gave her a shirt and told her to at least wear that. She still insisted on sleeping with me that night. I said I thought you liked your new bed? She said I do a little but I like yours too. But she wore her shirt all night I was surprised. She hates clothes she runs around in her underwear all time when we are home. If we go somewhere as soon as she gets in the door she strips she isn’t even home two minutes. I put her in her gown or something for bed and when we get up in the morning she had gotten up in the night taken it off and tossed it in the floor. I gave up trying to get her to wear something to bed. She has about 5 blankets scattered on her bed she sleeps all in and always covers herself up. Most the time she is covered from head to toe with her blanket. She has been that way since she was a baby. Her first night in her big girl bed I went in there she was had her head at the foot, her feet propped up on the pillow sticking from under her blanket and the rest of her covered up. I can’t say I blame her I don’t like wearing clothes either. I get dressed when I have to go somewhere that’s it, other than that at home I am in a night gown or some big t shirt and a pair of shorts or lounge pants. At least she did sleep in her bed last night without me having to let her sleep in mine and then moving her like the night before.

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