{June 30, 2016}   To Long to Get into a Routine

I have noticed that as soon as I feel that I have a routine figured out and starting to get classes under control it’s the end of the term or just about the end of the term and time to start new ones. Then the whirlwind of trying to get a routine down again starts. I can’t really keep the same one and just change what classes I’m working on because I don’t always take the same number of classes, they are due different days, some have two days stuff is due and some are due on days that I have other things and can’t work on them. So I have to see what days each one is due then if it interferes with something else set it up due early so that I can get both things done.

At least the next two terms the classes will be longer. This term they started mid May and will be done the first week of August. The next ones will start August and end the first week of December. Then January til May. Then I will hopefully only have one more of these short terms and I will be done. Unless I take the rest of the aging classes and have problems with my math class. Then I will have to do one more fall term. Right now I am not liking the aging part and thinking about not doing the other two classes for it and just get my degree in domestic violence. If I do the aging I will have a certificate in Aging matters. I keep telling myself that it is only two more classes but I still just don’t know if I want to do it. The one class I am taking now is part of the problems I am having keeping up with the rest of my classes. I think the same teacher has all three classes. I guess we will see.

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