Sometimes I think the instructors want to make things as much of a challenge for us students as they can. With a short semester like the Summer you have mid terms just a few weeks in and with in a few more you have finales. At least one or the other has to be proctored so you have to set a time and go to the school and take them. If you do not take at least one proctored exam in a term you can not pass the class it is a law they have when taken classes on line. Out of the 10 classes I have taken so far they all give you at least a week and most a little more to set the time and take it. This way you can keep up with your class work and take time to take the test and work it around jobs and family. Few years back the college started being closed on Fridays so you have Monday-Thursday to get them done. I went last week and took two of my test back to back in one day to get them done and over with. I had a third I wanted to take but it didn’t open until the 29th so I had to wait. Well now it opened Wednesday and closes the 5th. That gives us three days to get in and take it over a 4 day weekend because the school is closed Monday.

I just found out the other day that the testing center is open Fridays and Saturdays. I had no idea because I never go to the school for anything but once or twice a term to take my test. I got to the testing lab, take it and leave. I don’t use the campus by me because the people are so rude and unhelpful and I I don’t care for the testing area. It’s old dark musty and all closed in. Kind of closterfobic really. When you talk to anyone they always say the campuses are closed Friday.

This week has been a crazy week of appointments for everyone the last three days have been slammed full. I had set it up to take it Tuesday and a friend watch them and she now just told me late last night she is having to go out of town probably and won’t be here. So now I am scrambling around trying to find a sitter. I didn’t figure they were but I even tried to take it tomorrow at the center I don’t like but of course they are all closed for a 4 day weekend. I can’t see why they only have it open for 3 days only one day in between the day it opens and the day it closes. I think he knows because he posted saying the test is open these days you must take it to pass it is the only proctored test and no extensions or excuses.

I know I will work it out it’s just been a really long day and I just sat down to try and figure out what to do because I thought I could take it tomorrow and I can’t. Plus it is an exam on the program excel, there is a list of steps that you have to follow. With not being able to see good and having to keep up with right where I am on each step and do them in order I always print them out at home and work through them. Well we don’t have a way to print them out we have to flip from screen to screen to do it. It makes it really hard on me and I end up with my head pounding when I try to do it that way. I was going to ask him if I could print them out at home but it is locked until we get there to take it and then they put in a password and unlock it for you. I am going to go because I think I am jst rambling and whining because I just don’t feel good today.


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