{July 1, 2016}   Who Knew

That fish tanks would take so long to establish and get going good so that you could really start to put fish and plants in it. It took me a week or more to get the ammonia out of the water. Then I had to add the fish that came in it and the fish I had that needed to go in it back. I wasn’t able to really add any fish until Tuesday. I had added one of the fish that came with the tank and a few guppies a few days after setting it up, but that was just to get the good bacteria and things going in it. I was finally able to add 5 Tetra’s Tuesday and added the sucker fish over the weekend last weekend. Now today or tomorrow I should be able to add another 4 to 5. The guys at the pet store said I need to only add about 4 at a time and wait for three to four days to add another 4. Then if anything happens to the water in that time I have to get it under control again before I can add more. But they say if I do it this way when I am first setting it up it should be really easy to maintain and take care of from there. They all have had tanks for years larger than mine so I trust them better than the guy at the other store who said oh you can get your fish and add them tomorrow when I had just set the tank up. He didn’t seem to really know what he was talking about. He was nice but just who ever that walked in the door and asked for a job, they gave a little training to and tossed out there. I also didn’t like the way he talked about the other store. I don’t normally go there I go to the other but this one is much closer to my house and they sell their guppies and shrimp 10 for $2 and the store I like sell theirs for about 79 cents each. The other store seems to sell them as tank fish instead of feeder fish like the other pet shops. I love the guppies I buy 10 toss them in and they lay eggs and have babies both of which my frogs eat. This I spend less in the frozen food because I don’t use as much. The shrimp the frogs will eat too if they are babies. I haven’t gotten any tiny enough from the store to feed them but they help keep the tank clean and they are neat to watch sometimes.

But right now I have this 55 gallon tank with 7 fish and three snails in it, it’s looking pretty empty right now. I just want it full you look at it and see all the little fish swimming around but it is going to take a little wile.  I need more plants too. I took the big ones that came in it out, I really didn’t like them they looked like weeds growing in it. They were some kind of fern. My big plant I put in there all the bg leaves on it died from being moved. It has a lot of new growth but it is going to take a little time to get back out there like it was. I picked up two more plants the other day why I was there one is medium size the other was a small one. I liked it but wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t want to spent to much on it and then find out it wasn’t going to work good in my tank. I had two others I bought before that turned out to be a mess and just didn’t work. They wouldn’t stay rooted floated around the top then got sucked up in the filter and messed up. I want to get one that will grow across the bottom of the tank like grass then ones that will grow kind of big i can put in the middle of the tank like the other one was and some to put around in it other places. I like to go up and get some fish but I don’t feel like driving all the way up there. I don’t get fish from the one close to me besides guppies and shrimp because their tanks don’t look to good. The guppies and shrimp tanks look pretty good and they live most the time but they are bigger than the tanks the other fish are in and you can see died stuff all in them. The other store the tanks look cleaner and taken care of better. Plus it is storming and I need to make dinner. I just feel like going out for a little bit and getting away for a little bit more than anything else.

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