I realized something last weekend when I was watching my friend little girl, I miss having the other kids around, when my older two were little there were always other kids at my house spending the night, playing and having parties. Since everything happen with me and Father of the Year it hasn’t been that way. We were with RC and in to small of a place to have people over. Then I was moving and things. I feel like things have settled the last few years for us but I still had Father of the year here in the middle of everything, the way he has been I felt like I really didn’t want to do anything with him around. And I hardly talk to anyone anymore. When I first came back from RC’s and lived by my one friend the kids use to all go back and forth and play all the time but then she did the things she did and we don’t see each other anymore. I also watched my friends little girl while he worked, the little girl I watched last weekends cousin. I didn’t really make much from that but it gave my Little Guy someone to play with and it was nice having her there. Even when I was with RC, and his two boys were there even though we were all living together and a “family” it was different with his kids there and not just my three. My younger two had a blast last weekend and loved having her here. I wish she lived closer because she would be good for them to play together. I want to start having parties again and the kids over. I want my younger two to get to do the things my older two did and to have the friends and I want my older two to have that again as well. I need to start getting back in touch with my old friends again and try to make some new ones maybe.

The kids and families around us the kids run around and do what they want the parents hardly ever seem to know where they are or what they are doing. They are just involved, not really the type that is interested in getting to know you and doing things together with the kids. If you want to take theirs and do something that is fine as long as they don’t have to go. I want to get to know the parents and what it is like at their house and things, so that our kids can go back and forth and play. But if I don’t know the parents and things I don’t let my kids go to their house or off with them places. I don’t like having kids in my house or taken kids places that I don’t know their parents and them know me. To much room for things to get said, twisted and turned around into something they aren’t. Where as if I know the parents and they know me then we are going to have an idea if what is being said sound right and if not to call the other and figure it out before it goes any farther. Where as I have had a lot of parents who are clueless and just take what their child says for truth and come over or call all mad because this or that was said or done. When really it wasn’t it was relayed wrong and a simple question or two would have solved it all.

I think I am going to try and do a sleep over for all the kids in a couple weeks. I am debating on inviting the boys over and letting them have a sleep over one night then inviting the girls a different night and then some friends for my little one to play with another day since they probably won’t stay the night. Or just inviting everyone over at one time for the night and whoever wants to stay can stay and whoever wants to go home later can. I think I need to make a list and see how many kids I will end up having and what ages. I have had 10 to 15 kids in all ages from new born to 12 before all stay the weekend with me. They all have a blast. I just don’t know how repaired I am to handle all that again at one time after so long.


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