My friend said RC changed his information online and listed where he was at. I went on to see what it said and if any of the others listed where they were or any of them them were working. His picture came up and my little bitty was sitting there beside me, she looked over smiled really big and said That’s Daddy! I said no that’s not Father of the year. She said no not father of the year, that’s Daddy. I was speechless. He has seen her one time when she was 4 1/2 weeks old and he didn’t even hold her because he was so messed up. He wouldn’t hold her because of it. He done told me when we were together he didn’t care if someone had just had one drink they would not be holding her even if it was me or him. He had more than one and then all the pills on top of it. I would have let him hold her because we were just sitting there in the truck not like he was standing around and could drop her. But he wouldn’t.

I think he really didn’t hold her because he didn’t want to bond with her. He knows she is his. Just like he said we did good then said well you did good. That night when we were sitting there talking about her. Then sat there and cried and cried his eyes out and kept saying to me please don’t tell her I’m a loser I don’t want her to grow up thinking I’m a loser. Then crying over what he done with the boys and how bad things were where he was and how he figured out she really didn’t care about him and things after all.

I just think it’s so odd that she looked at it just smiled so big and all excited and said it’s DADDY. When I said it’s not Father of The Year how she said no. How? Dumbfounded


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