I noticed the steering column in my truck was moving up and down a while back. Father of the year said he would check it but never has when he is here. He still isn’t paying I don’t have money to put it in the shop after paying everything else so if I can get him to do it then so be it. Yesterday after dropping my mom off from taking her to the doctors and store I had just enough time to drive home get out and get right back in the truck to go get my little guy from school. I decided to stop at a shop or two and see if they would look at it and tell me what was wrong how much it would be to fix it. The first shop I stopped at the guy got the mechanic to come and look at it. He moves it takes the panel off and looks around. He says there is your problem the bottles that hold it are not tight. He could take them off without even a tool.

He says hold on goes gets the tool and tightens them up. All of this took maybe 5 minutes with walking out there getting the tool, coming back and tightening them. He gets down and I ask how much? Expecting him to say couple dollars or not to worry about it. He said I would have to ask inside. I went in and ask the guy he says to the other guy a couple tenths the guy says yes. They charged me over $18 to tighten two bolts, less than 5 minutes of work.

I couldn’t believe it, I felt ripped off but didn’t say anything I paid them and left deciding I would not be going back there again after that. I have stopped places to get things checked out like that many times so I knew what parts I needed to get and things and some turned out to be simple little things like that and they just tighten them up and send you on your way not charge you almost $20 for 5 minutes of work. And I always tip them and recommend them to people and go back. I had money in my pocket when I ask the guy how much I was going to give him for doing it then he said ask inside. I figured they would even say just tip him something and be done. I am glad now at what they charged me I didn’t give him the money in my pocket too.

RC was a mechanic and I know many others in the area and they have people come in to get thing checked like that all the time and when it is 5 or 10 minutes easy fix with no parts and things involved they do it for the customer and tell them just to tip the person who done it for their time and call it even. They tip the guys $5 to $10 some more and everyone is happy and they end up with a new customer or keeping one they have had for a while because they feel like they are done fair and they tell others. They don’t feel like they are trying to nickle and dime you to death. Really that is how it should be. I know the guys have fixed things for people who didn’t even have money to pay or tip them because they really didn’t and whatever it was needed to be fixed it only took a few minutes they weren’t busy with anything. Their checks weren’t lacing because they done it and took time away from “paying” jobs.

I need some work done and I am thinking it is work I don’t know that I trust or want father of the year doing and was going to ask them how much it would be if I brought it in but not after that. I guess I will just have to wait until one of the other guys I know I have time to do it and get them to take care of it for me. It’s just hard getting up with them to get side work done because they are always working they stay busy. I don’t have a lot of time to wait because by the time I get the parts to fix it it is bad and needs done right now and I need it back on the road with in a day because I have nothing else and them doing it on the side some times it takes a little longer.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised seems like anymore all that is important is the money they aren’t worried about making or keeping customers. The fact that I ask how much it would be just to have it looked at and to just tell me what was wrong not to “fix” it and they just went looked at it took it off then got the tool and tighten it up without telling me how much it was going to be kind of got to me too then to charge so much for it.

Don’t get me wrong I am very happy that it was only two lose bolts and nothing worse that cost me anymore money, what I paid is nothing compared to what it could have cost and the hassle it could have turned into. It’s just the fact of the matter that 5 minutes of work and they charge almost $20 and didn’t say hey we are going to charge you $20 to do this just done it like they were doing it to be “nice” or helpful. I could have tightened them up myself and then got the tools when I got home and tightened them better. If I had thought that was all it was to start with I would have never went there and ask them I would have just done it my self. But I really thought it was going to be something that was going to need parts and things to fix.


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