Tuesday after I took my last exam, a stressful week of back to back appointments and more schoolwork than you can imagine I decided to stop at the pet store and get a few fish to add to the tank. Its been up and going for about two  weeks now. The white ones and one other who hides during the day came with the tank. I picked out the Orange Sward tails and the black and yellow ones, not sure what they are called. I was going to buy 5 of each but the guy said they weren’t schooling fish like the white ones and would do good with just three of them. That is what I went with so that I can put a bigger variety of fish in there. I have two female and one male of the orange ones and again not sure what the yellow ones are. I am going to try a different pet store in a week or two when I am able to get some more and see if they have a better selection. They say you should only add around 4 new ones at a time and wait a few days to a week before adding more to let the tank adjust and make sure you didn’t introduce anything with the new ones.

I stopped at the store after I picked the kids up from the sitter and Little Bitty was mad because she had lost a shoe between the house and truck at home so she didn’t have any. She had to get in the cart and sit. She then wanted to hold the fish when they guy put them in the bag. I let her and while I was talking she dropped them in the cart she kept rolling them around in the cart so I took them away from her.

I guess she did something to one of my yellow and black guys because they were only in my tank a few hours and one was dead. None of the others seem to have any problems and here we are days later and they are still alive. She killed my poor fish. Now I have to get another one of them so that there will be three. The other two swim around kind of lost.

20160629_215333 This is one of the three snails I picked up last week when I went to drop the plants off and get fish food. He was the only one like it they had and he was different so I took him. I think he is kind of neat looking.


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