{July 8, 2016}   First Dentist Trip

Ok don’t judge the boys just went to the dentist today. They came out and ask who wanted to go first and my Little Guy jumped up and went back with them. I was kind of surprised that he didn’t care that I wasn’t going but then again I wasn’t because he is just like that. Jump all in and go explore or whatever on his own and not care if he is on his own. In a little bit they came out and got My Big Boy and he was asking before he even got across the room wasn’t I going and why I wasn’t getting up? I told him he be ok and to go and he didn’t want to. I got up and walked in the hall with the lady and told her he was autistic and that I didn’t know if he was going to do it without me going back or not. She said oh ok and told him I could come back and see where he was going to be sitting and everything. We got back there she had him get in the chair and walked around to the back of the room out of the way why he got all set up. He wasn’t sure about the chair and things. In a minute she gave me a chair and told me I could sit there where I was. She tried to do x rays first but every time she would put the thing in his mouth he would gag. She got the one for little kids and he still gagged really bad. She said wow he has a supper strong gag reaction. I told her he has sensory things so I wasn’t surprised. She gave up on trying to get x rays and started cleaning his teeth. She gave him the thing to suck the water out of  your mouth out and he didn’t like using that. He didn’t do to bad with cleaning them but they needed to be picked and scrapped, a deep clean I guess and he wasn’t able to let the dentist do that. He said it hurt to much.

They called me over about my Little Guy and they said he had quite a few cavities and that they were going to send him to a pediatric dentist so they could give him a little bit of gas to do the work. They said they thought they could do it with no problems but it was a lot of work because it was different little spots, they didn’t want to traumatize him or stress him out and make him not want to come back to the dentist anymore. He said once they do them he could come back there every 6 months for his cleanings with no problems.

After they got done with my big boy they said they were going to send him to the same place to get a little gas so they could do a deep clean and maybe some x rays on him as well. They said they didn’t think that he had any cavities just looking at them and things but if he didn’t get them cleaned good and brush better he was going to have them and his are not baby teeth they are his adult teeth.

I have to take the girls back on the 13 since they couldn’t get them all in on one day. I am going to wait and see if they need anything done at the other office and then make appointments for the other two if not. There is only one in the county and I think it is the one I have heard horrid things about so I am going to have to take them to the other county. But really it is probably just as far or farther to go to the one that is here in the county. It’s just not as bad of traffic and I know my way around here. But that is what I have GPS for.

I am wondering as I type this how much my Little Guy really needs to get filled he is 5 going to be 6 in a few months. He should start losing teeth here really soon. In the next 6 months to a year lose them all anyway. I am trying to think I don’t think he has lost any yet that is kind of odd. My Big Boy lost 4 with in two days then a few more before he ever turned 5. All of a sudden he just started losing teeth like crazy all at once. He got his early and he got 2 to 4 at a time and he lost them 2 to 4 at a time just the way they came in same ones and all.

I should have ask them about that with Little Guy but I was so shocked when they said he had them and that he had so many. When I looked in his mouth I seen one or two little spots but that was it. I don’t see bunch like they are talking about. His teeth look good over all when you look at them. If they had said my Big Boy I wouldn’t have been surprised as much because i am always getting on to him about brushing his teeth and brushing better. They told him today if he don’t do better I was going to have to do them for him. Makes me want to gag just thinking about it. I had a ton of dintale work done as a kid from early on I have just always had bad teeth and not very strong teeth and I am worried that is going to be my Little Guys problems. He has a cousin that has no enamel on his teeth and has to have some kind of treatment. Me, his mom, my dad and her mom all have problems with our teeth. It is something in the family I think. The girls even with my Little Bitty seems to be ok she brushes hers all the time and me or my oldest brush them for her one or twice a day besides what she brushes them.

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