Yesterday at the dentist when they called me over to where my little guy was in the room next to us the first thing they said was how great he did. Then they started saying how well behaved he was, how polite and what manners he had. They were just so impressed with his manner and politeness and at such a young age.

The lady who cleaned his teeth walked him out to the waiting room to wait with the girls and I went back in with my Big Boy. When she came back she came in and said he is so cute and sweet, he even invited me to his birthday in a few months.

He is such a little gentlemen everyday when I take him to school he opens the door and holds it for me to go in. Then they have a locked door between the lobby and classes, you sign them in on a little computer thing and it takes your index print so just anyone can’t go back and wonder around and so that if you send someone they can’t just go wondering around you have to cal ahead of time. When he hears it buzz he grabs it and opens it and waits for me to get done and go in before he goes in. If he is in the yard when I pull up at home he runs and opens my door for me. He just likes to be helpful.


2 thoughts on “How Could I Forget, Little Guy Brag

    1. It was nice because all I hear from my family is how he is to loud, to hyper, to this or that. He is a little boy he has to get it out somewhere and he knows when it is ok and when it isn’t. He feels with family he can just be himself and be a kid. My sisters kids and my brothers kids are all quite and just sit and play he is the got to be up and moving one and when he gets with other kids he is ready to run around and play and they don’t. It was nice for him to hear others thinking he was so good as well.

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