I don’t know why I even try, everytime it seems things are turning around another fucking set back comes around. Let me just say who knows how this post will turn out or when I will write any more. As I lay here and write this on my phone.

I never buy myself anything not clothing, a magazine, things for the house or anything. I use my money to make sure rent and bills are paid and the kids have the things they need. If I do get something its because I need it and have to have it can’t wait any longer.

This term I finally bought me a laptop since mine is 8 years old. I wasn’t able to do school stuff on it and it was so slow. It didn’t work right either. I didn’t buy anything wonderful or fancy. I spent $300 on it thats it. Just something that would work right and do the job. But I was happy with it I could get my school done and blog, life was good.

I did splurge and buy the fish tank and few fish to put in it. My only for me just because no other reason or purpose buy I have made in years.

Well tonight one of the fish died. Scoop him out and flush him. I’m sitting on the bed with my laptop getting ready to write and I hear the toilet running. I go turn it off and come out of the bathroom. I pick up my bolster off the floor lay it on my bed. It rolled, hit my little table, knocked my cup over and spilled it all in my computer and all over my bed. My computer went off and will not come back on now. My work for my classes due Sundays all saved on it so I have to rush to get it done. Who knows when I can see about getting it fix. Its probably not an option or buy another.

My bed is full of drink as well now. I can’t believe this happend. I never ever leave a drink by it or my bed like that. Not even for a minute I can’t believe i forgot it was there less than a minute and look. I’m so mad at myself and so upset over my computer.

I will check in often probably not post as much until I figure out a computor. If i can get the old one to work i can use it for here most times just not school so we will see.



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