Tonight I came to my room to go to bed and the computer was laying there on the bed with the carpet cleaner thing and the sheets blankets strung around. Not only did it go all in my computer but it went all down in my mattress as well. I was so aggravated last night that I did not even change the bed. It was at the foot I laid a big thick blanket over it and went to sleep. Today it had to be stripped and cleaned. I tried taking my laptop apart to see if there was anything I could do with it but I couldn’t get it to come into two once I got it prided apart around the edges. But it looked and felt dry all under there where I could slid my hand in and feel. I really just wanted to get the key pad up tp clean under it but couldn’t get it off either. I got mad messing with it and put it back together. I called some places to as them about it but they weren’t open so I figured I would have to wait until Monday and started redoing my school work that was saved on it for today.

Tonight I come in here to put the bed together and decide to plug it in and try it just for shits and giggles to see what happen. Guess what it came on. It seemed to run a little slow to start with but then went ahead and booted up. Some of the keys sounded gooey when pushed so I took them off and wiped them down with a wet rag. So for it seems to be working ok. I just hope it keeps working with no problems.

This morning when I wrote I Give Up!!!, I was ready to just throw it away and toss the mattress out and give up trying to have anything. I was more mad at myself than anything for not picking the cup up and taking it with me or moving it to somewhere else.

I have this little lap table that has two legs that fold out and sit on the bed or couch, then the top tilts up different angels if you want it to and one side don’t move it stays flat. I don’t like using it with the legs up so I leave them folded and lay it flat on the bed and sit the computer on it so it don’t get hot on the bed. Then I tilt it up to type and things. I keep my glass siting on the part that stays flay but with the computer and the way it sits it wouldn’t get on it if it fell and I never leave the cup there if I am not sitting right there with it so it don’t get all over where ever the table is sitting anyway. Last night I had just came in and sat everything down I hadn’t tilted the table for the computer and then forgot to move the cup. I wasn’t a wave from it more than a minute if a minute. But at least for now it is working and hopefully it will stay that way.

Only thing that sucks is I can’t take it back now, I was thinking about taking it back and trading it for a different one, I am not crazy about the keyboard layout and things on this one. I was thinking about taking it back and getting another Toshiba if my 30 days wasn’t up yet. Now I can’t since I spilled this all in it. Oh well I will just be happy that it is working and I don’t have a $300 paper weight like I did a few hours ago.


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