First for those who do not know what this this, it was signed into law in 1998 and went into effect in 1999. This says that all violent sex offenders must be held after their sentinced has been served and evaluated to see what the odds are they will become repeat offenders. If they feel that they are at high risk of being a repeat offender then they can involuntary commit them to a “treatment” center to be rehabilitated. They go once a year in front of the judge to try to get out he can decide if they have been rehabilitated then they can be released.

But I am not sure how good the law is working when a person already has charges against them, did time got out got more charges and time and just a circle like this racking up more charges. They have been found incompetent to stand trial at one point and committed somewhere, then was competent enough to later, did more time and got out. Then was finally held on the Jimmy Ryce Act only for the judge to dismiss it. He we are almost ten years later more victims and charges later and they think hum maybe we should try to keep him under the Jimmy Ryce Act again. In the mean time every time there are new charges or they want to try and keep him under this act they call back all the victims to come to court again. Every time they think it is finally behind them it’s knocking on their front door again. We are talking some are now adults with almost grown kids of their own down to kids who maybe teens some probably not even, who have to relive this over and over again.

The sad part is for all the charges that stuck and time was served he has just as many that got dismissed for whatever reasons. Most of the charges where before they tried to hold him the first time on the Jimmy Act. So at what point did anyone doing this evaluation or even the judge for that matter feel that he wasn’t at high risk of being a repeat offender? If he is not at risk of being a repeat offender then who the Hell is? Why have these treatment centers if they are going to sit empty?

I don’t understand at this point why he is even getting to leave prison and have the chance to become passably a repeat offender again to start with. If you have that many charges for messing with a child, hurting a child or doing anything to a child, you should get a fast pass straight to the front of the line for injection, electrocution, or a room with the parents of the children you hurt while everyone goes to lunch or takes care of other business. I don’t mean the kind of fast pass where you sit in prison for 30 or more years before they finally decide to do it, fast pass means you leave court and go to the facility where it is to be done and it is done in a timely matter not to be more than 7 days weekends and holidays count. If they must turn you lose and let you breath the air and walk the streets with the rest of the world they should be allowed to have pedophile, predator, rapist or something like that tattooed across your forehead so that you have to live with looking at it every day just as the victims live with what was done to them every day. And so that everyone who comes into contact with you knows what you are and what your all about. If we done even one of these two things I bet you we would see a huge decline in these kinds of crimes. It would probably just about do away with these kinds of crimes.

Yes there would still be the ones who done it here and there and who would hide it or try to hide it. But I think just as many people or more would speak out. Some may say this is to harsh and what if they didn’t do it or they can change, I am sorry but I don’t think it is to harsh, I do not feel they can be rehabilitated and trusted not to do it again. If the therapist feel that strongly about it then are they willing to leave their children alone with them? They “fixed” them made them “better” are they willing to hire them to work around their house with their families, heck they aren’t likely to do it again why not hire them to watch your kids? If you think I am being to harsh would you be willing to do these with your kids or family?

I am not talking about these kids or guys that get in trouble for being 18 or 19 dating a 16 or 17 year old. I am talking about these guys and girls because there are just as many women they are finding doing these things to kids as men, who are adults well into their 20 or more or 18/19 messing with kids. Or teens that there is no boyfriend girlfriend relationship or even if there was if they say no it’s not. But you get what I mean.


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