In my lease it says that any clogged drains and things are for me to pay to have fixed. Well about a month ago every time my washer drained it would back up into my kitchen sinks. I have tried everything to try and fix it. This weekend it got to where the sink was backing up on it’s own and wouldn’t go down at all. It go down after a while but we couldn’t wash dishes or anything. I was draining the dishwasher into a dishpan and taking it to the bathroom to drain it and come back and catch it and dump it. I tried to get a snake to put down it but couldn’t find one.

Today I finally decided to call the office and tell them what was going on and see what they said. I am thinking that a pipe might be busted because there is dirt coming up when the sink backs up. I just called told her that my sink started backing up when the washer drained and that now my sink won’t drain when I try to use it. She just said ok she was going to send maintenanceĀ to look at it.

He showed up a little while ago and snaked the drain in the kitchen under the sink, he tried to run it through the drain at the washer and it wasn’t working he said he was going t get a bigger snake. He is back but it isn’t sounding to good. He keeps going back and forth and testing. When he first got here and I told him I seen dirt coming up he said oh no that isn’t good it sounds like a broken pipe. I said what I was afraid of as well. The sink drains but when the washer is on it is still backing up. I hope it isn’t a busted pipe.

I guess if it is something he can fix I don’t get charged but if they have to call a plumber I have to pay, unless it is something out of my control like a busted pipe.


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