Last night I was talking to a friend and we were talking about RC and things. She said he says that my Little Bitty is Father of The Years not his he thinks I cheated. He knows it isn’t true sat at another friend of ours house and told them the night we found-out I was pregnant that he knew it was his he didn’t have a doubt in his mind it wasn’t. Then sat there the one time he seen her and said we did good then well you did. After that sat there crying his eyes out begging me to please not tell her he was a loser. He said this over and over that night. He knows and like I told her last night he knows she is his and one reason he didn’t hold her that night not just because he was drinking but because he wanted to try and avoid having feeling for her or bonding with her.

She said it was being said that my little one looked just like my youngest son who looks like Father of The Year so she must be his too. My friend had never seen my little ones other brothers so she didn’t know what they looked like or anything. I said girl when I had her and even now she looks just like his youngest son laying there. She still looks like him. I told her I made a collage thing when she was little that had her, his two sons, him and the daughter he is with now on it and how much they all looked a like. She asked to see it. Last night I sat here and looked and looked through pictures trying to find it. I never did.

I was going to make another one so I started looking at pages to see if I could find the pictures I used then and I wanted up dated pictures to make one now of them all. I was looking on Little Bitty’s other brothers grandma’s page because she always post picture to see if I seen the ones I used. It pops up and says you have 1 friend in common. It was my best friend from Junior high that I still talk to. Her and her sister. It was late but I sent her a message figured she see it this morning.

I said I want to ask you something but it involves my little one and her family so I don’t want you to say anything to the person I want to ask about. She said ok and ask what was wrong.

I started looking at her page then to find the person because I am still thinking I couldn’t have seen what I seen, before I find her I find her son is also on her page and then I find RC’s ex wife on her page. I said how do you know x,y,z? She said yeah I do why? I ask her how and told her that Y’s two oldest boys are my daughters brothers and that her dad is Y’s ex husband.

She didn’t answer for a few minutes I think she was trying to figure out what I said and probably trying to pick her jaw off the ground. I figured she was going to say her sisters new boyfriends family or something like that. She said oh X is my uncles ex wife, Y and Z are my cousins.

I couldn’t believe it my mind was blown!!! We have only been back in contact about 4/5 years ago about the time this all went down with me and RC. She said that she had not talk to them seen them since she was about 8 or so and that they don’t talk that they probably asked their mom who she even was when she found them on there and added them. It’s just crazy.

Then my friend said didn’t he tell you he went to Tennessee? I said yes that is where he started out but then I have heard he is in Kentucky somewhere or on the boarder of the two in Kentucky. She said yes he was over there and that he had sent her pictures and things of all where he is. My other friend said well if you want him you let me know my family is all over up there been there forever they will find him, they will tell you where he is. She said he will tell me too and has but she has not talk to him in a while so not sure if he is still in the same place. But if he don’t my other friend can get his information.

Then something was said about his ex wife, I said her name and where she lived she said isn’t that the guy that worked at the shop who died wife and their kid? I remember hearing a little bit about the stories when he first got with her but not a lot I didn’t know him well and I left the picture right after he came in it. Everything had happen with RC so I didn’t hear from him about it either he didn’t even really know. But it all sounds to much like it is her.

I was told that the babies dad was some guy but he was a druggie and they weren’t together not that he died. But who really knows, maybe some day I will reach out and try to introduce the kids to each other and let them get to know each other. Maybe she will be open to it, maybe she has wanted to but just didn’t know who I was to contact me. I just can’t believe they are all related and cousins.


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