Today I was at my sisters looking at trucks online and trying to help her find a decent one. She is 24 just got her license and has never car shopped and knows nothing about what to look for to decide if it is running good and things. She found a few she liked that needed some work she was asking what it would cost to fix, how hard it was or if it said something had been how would she know if it was right or just patched thrown together. I was telling her for what she was looking at what was normal known problems but fixable and not cheap fixes a few hundred compared to what would be in the thousands to fix.

I got a phone call I didn’t know the number but it seem like an office or business number. I let it go to voicemail checked it, I didn’t want to get stuck on the phone when I needed to leave in a few minutes. I was trying to finish helping her. It was the people at the childcare place saying funding had come up for my Little Bitty that I needed to come by and get a packet of paperwork to fill out and get it turned it. She said I had 10 days to get it all back to her. Now they want something filled out from the school and I am calling them and they say they can only give them this term and it is going to be over in a couple weeks. If I knew I was going to have childcare I could go ahead and set up fall classes, but I can’t do 4 classes or more like I need to do if I don’t get the childcare. I am having a hard time keeping up and now that she is older and I need to be right on her more. I am going to still sign up and take it show them my load for next term. I hope they let me have it and then just get new paper from the college after next term.

They also want to know all the kids in my house and any parent that is not in the home, how much child support they pay, if they don’t why and if I have been to child support enforcement, why or why not and what they are doing t help me.

I have been to them they refuse to help me with my Little Bitty until I get a divorce. I have not went for my other three because father of the year was here until last year and then he wasn’t making anything and I was trying to get everything back in court I didn’t want a bunch of different cases and have that hold things up. If I had time to go take care of that then I could just as easily file the divorce instead. I just had to get everything together to do it all. Now it is done so I am sure they will want something in a few weeks when that is done as well.

I did get the letter in the mail today from the Magistrate office and it is saying I may need to wait ten days before I can get a court date with them. It says that me or him has the right to with in ten days refuse to go in front of them and have it sent to the judge to hear. I don’t care who hears it and neither dose he we just want it done. I am going to call them tomorrow tell her that I have talked to him he does not even want to come to court and does not care who hears it and see if I can get a date. It also says I need to have him served with a notice of hearing. But he has waived all that so I shouldn’t have to do that. But I have to find out and find out if he has to come since they are hearing it. I am sure they will want information about all that when it is done and then start going after the other one for support for Little Bitty.

I really need this and hope they don’t turn me down. I have things I need to do for school that I can’t take her with me to do. I need to do research for two papers that are do this week and next and have no one to watch her. I had three interviews that I need to do this term I have not done two I still got to get them done. I did one over the internet but I am supposed be in person. I can’t take her and go sit here, don’t get up, speak or do anything for an hour or so. I don’t take her to the library and do research for my papers. What am I going to say hey come here let me turn your switch off for a while? Oh that’s right you don’t have one. Not this term but the next I have to do work study so I will be working most days and not getting paid for it so I can’t do that when I can’t pay daycare and I can’t work, go to school and go work for free. I couldn’t cover daycare wise to do both.

I hope they are use to dealing with this and understand and this is quick and as painless as passable. Because we know it won’t be 100% painless. Some of the classes I wanted to take next term are not on line that term so I would need to go to the school a day or two a week to take them as well. She is excited she says I want to go to school and play with kids. I am going to call her tomorrow and talk to her.


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