As bad as it may sound I can not wait for my youngest to start daycare. I don’t know what to do with her anymore. She is very much her own person and knows it. She don’t care if she gets in trouble she just goes on and does what she wants no matter how much you warren her or get on to her. She is 3 going on 30. I don’t know where this has come from because I haven’t treated her no different than the rest of the kids.

It’s pretty bad when my sons therapist watched her in her office why we were there for him and said oh my you are going to have your hands full with this one. She is going to give you a run for your money worse than the other three put together. She says she is a very old wise soul who LOVED shoes. She will steal the shoes off anyone’s feet she don’t care if they are her size or not. She has liked shoes since she could move around on her own.

The other day my niece came home with me, we walk in the door and met by my Little Bitty, she looks at her feet and says I like your shoes can I wear them? They are way to big, she tells her not right now and they go off to play. I hear her all the way down the hall talking about how much she likes her shoes and trying to get them. She was here a couple hour and comes out with no shoes. She said she talked me out of them I couldn’t take it no more. Little Bitty comes dancing out of the bedroom so happy showing off “her” shoes.

She is always stuck to me like glue if I am at the table trying to do my schoolwork she wants to be in my lap the chair next to me isn’t good enough. If I am sitting on my bed trying to do it or something else she is all over my bed climbing around and jumping. At night she refuses to sleep in her bed she has to be in my bed then she don’t want to lay down and go to sleep she wants to pester the dogs, jump around on the bed get up and down. Last night I locked her out of my room and told her she had to go sleep in her bed. She picked the lock. I put her back out she went and got into a bunch of stuff and had a fit. I try to not spank my kids but she has gotten a few swats on the butt lately. She cries for a minute and goes on. I get on her she cry for a minute and go on or just laugh. sometimes she laughs when I swat her but. I have resorted to taking her ponies or other toys she gets upset but then just don’t care or will finally do what ever it is I am asking after a fight to get them back without doing it.

My oldest was hard but she wasn’t even like this. She was mostly a mess maker, she wanted to play in everything soap, cleaners, glue, craft stuff just anything that she knew she was not supposed to be in she had to find a way and get in it if you turned your back for a minute. She also liked to have screaming fits if she did not get what she wanted but that got nipped in the butt really quick. I ignore her like she wasn’t even there why she sat infront of the tv and screamed or at my feet. I would walk around her and keep doing what I had to do until she came and talk to me without crying and having a fit. One really bad fit I made her knock on the door of the lady who lived in the apartment next to me and tell her she was sorry for having such a fit and making her listen to it and that she would try not to do it again. She caught on to what was going on and told her thank you for coming and saying sorry but she didn’t like to listen to her having her fit because then she couldn’t hear her tv and relax after work so she would be very happy if she didn’t do it anymore. After that if she started to have a fit and get loud I just say would you like to talk about it or have your fit and have to go knock on doors again and tell people you are sorry they had to listen to you? Most times that is all it took she stop and go on.

This one I have tried everything and anything I can to get her to listen or do what she needs to do and she just walks around like she could careless and does what she wants to do. Then cries when she gets in trouble but I am starting to feel that is a game too. I am so tired of it and drained. I can’t get anything done or consintrate on my school stuff when doing it. She don’t sleep she is up all hours of the day and night. By the time she goes to sleep I am so tired I can’t hold my eyes open to try and do it so I just do it the best i can wit her running around acting crazy and climbing everywhere or tearing the house apart why I am to busy to stop her.

Today I tried sending the boys to clean their room and had my oldest take her to sit down and play with her ponies, houses, people and cars. She loves to play with these things all together and has a huge imagination. I figured if someone sat down with just her and played what she wanted to play and spending time with her she would like that. Nope she ran off to aggervate the boys, pester the dogs and climb all over me and around me. No matter how much she tried she would not come play. I tried putting it away for a while to sit down and play with her some still could care less just run around and do what she wanted to do. I am at a loss, I am tired, wore out and feel like I could sleep for a week.

Today the thought how nice it would be if her dad was around I could take her and let her go spend a few days with him get a break get my work for the rest of the term down and get my house clean. That maybe he could get through to her some how, maybe we just need a break from each other. Then I thought she is like this now what is she going to be like when she gets older and how is she going to take her dad not being around when she gets old enough to start asking questions and understand. Is she going to take that and go even more wild or who know. I feel like a horrible mother with her right now. I don’t know what to do with her or for her. I don’t know why she is acting this way or what would help. I tried spending time with her doing things she wanted to do or ask to do, ignoring her, punishing her and nothing seems to get through to her. It does she just don’t care. I feel she is so disrespectful and that is my big pet peeve with kids and adults. I know that don’t help.


One thought on “I love My Children, BUT….

  1. I have a similar situation with my three year old who doesn’t like to sleep! And is very intelligent beyond her age…sometimes they need to be challenged academically because they are bored because their too smart and the brain is constantly working! I think daycare will make a huge difference for her but make sure it’s a good one where they don’t just babysit her! Mine is still busy and still wants to stay up late but I make her lay down even if she doesn’t sleep. And school really helped her…

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