Talked Into It

Little bit of helpful advise for you all. If someone has to talk you into it, DON'T DO IT!!!!! I promise you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Nothing good has ever come from anything that I have ever had to be talked into. I don't mean in situations where you want to but … Continue reading Talked Into It


Your Probably A….

If you have went through the little store grabbing things to pack your kids lunch, and trying to make it look healthy and not snatched up in a mad rush at the little store....Your probably a college mom If you have sat 14.5 hours straight doing school work that is due that night and the next morning, … Continue reading Your Probably A….

Only Made it An Hours and Forty Five Minutes

I get all the kids up and take them to school today, since my Little Guy was fine by Wednesday evening and had no complaints, fever or puking Thursday. My little ones have to be there at 8:20 and 8:30 while the big ones don't have to be there until 9. I get my Little … Continue reading Only Made it An Hours and Forty Five Minutes