I went and took my final for my domestic violence class this evening, I got an 83%. The test was 154 questions worth 154 points. The first 20 or so questions were on the test twice. So when I got the one wrong I got it wrong both times because I put the same answer both times. That is one reason I got so many wrong because some of them were on the test twice and I missed it both times. I ended up with 88.51% over all in the class. I am very happy with that it is a high B almost an A. I had two hours to take it and finished in less than an hour. It was for the most part pretty easy.

When I got home I decided to start on my computer work and get a head start on it since it is due by midnight Tuesday nights. I was just going to do one or two lessons and finish the rest tomorrow. I did the first two and kept going and ended up doing all of them. I had the quiz and final to take. I was going to wait to do them tomorrow since I knew they wouldn’t take that long. Then I decided to was going to take the quiz tonight too. I finished it and went to look at something and my test popped up. I don’t know why I clicked into it and was looking to see if there was a time limit or what on it. All of a sudden I seen the date it said it is due 8/2 and I just looked at the time and date on my computer before I clicked into it and started looking around. That is when I realized it wasn’t a Happy Monday but Tuesday. I have messed up big time it was due in less than 30 minutes. I printed everything and started trying to do it and wasn’t able to get it done and in. I probably failed that class. It sucks because I should not have it is such an easy A class. It is one of the two classes I dropped last time because I was trying to work and do my classes. So now if I failed it I will have to take it for a 3rd time. I could just cry.

I think that I have my grades pulled up in my other classes that I should finish with a C or better in all of them but this stupid computer class that I keep messing up one way or another. I think that if I pass all of them but the one I should be okay and still be able to take classes in a few days when they start.


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