Just in case you didn’t know that now you do. I have had the worse internet for a week now. All the running around I forgot to pay the bill so they turned it off, understandable. I called payed it and had them turn it back on no big deal. I just been running so much I didn’t think of it.

When I called to pay it the girl told me she could get me a better deal, she said I had like 2 whatever of data and she could upgrade it to 200. She says let me make sure your equipment is compatible first. Comes back and say oh it is we won’t have to send a tech out and we can take care of it all today for you. It will only be $56.

I said no I will keep what I have I do not want to have my bill go up to that. I told her I  am  student what I have is working I am on a budget I need to keep everything as low as I can.

She said let me see what else we have and comes back and says I can give you 100 whatever for $44. It will be that price for a year and nothing has to be changed out. We don’t have a plan lower than that but this one saves you $2 and you get the 100.

I tell her ok and she changes it over. My bill started out at $28.50 when I first got it and they have it up this much in a year. I have been looking for somewhere better but all is around is at&t and since they changed from Bell South years back their customer service is horrible. Plus they want to take the money straight out of your bank every month and I have a problem with that. I don’t like anyone taking money right from my bank like that. I have a few accounts that money goes into and depending on what goes in when depends on where I pay what out of . Everything don’t always come in the sames times.

Anyways she changes everything over to the 100 and turns it on, right away the wireless is not working. We reset it from my end she resets it from her side and nothing is working. I am telling her I think it is because my box must not work with what she gave me. My network name was showing up in my list so I could log on before I called. After she done whatever she done it disappeared and wasn’t even there. I couldn’t get on line with my laptop, the tv or the printer. I was trying to do school work. One reason I missed my test in my computer class. I knew I had the work coming up due in there and that I was going to be busy Monday, it was a lot of work and I wanted to get ahead start on it. I couldn’t that night. I spend around and hour or more with her and she couldn’t make it work. She then tells me that there is no one there to talk to in tech support. They would be back the next day at 8 and that she could put a order in for a tech to come to my house but that would be between 12 and 2. I told her to go ahead and put in for a tech just in case. She tells me to call back at 8 to get help from tech support and if they can fix it then they can tell the guy not to come.

I hung up and called back and got someone from tech support on the phone because they were there. Lie number one I have caught her in, really probably number two because I don’t think my box will work with the package she gave me. But I thought maybe since it was off she just didn’t turn something back on right and they will find it. I am on the phone with this women for another hour or more and she can not figure out why I can’t get on line either. I ask her about the package not working with my box she says she don’t know what is wrong. Just that my box is not picking up the wireless signal. She can put in for a tech to come out. I keep telling them this did not happen until she changed packages and she not listening.

The tech finally comes looks at it and goes no this will not work for the package she set you up with let me call and see what we can get you. He comes back says this is the best package price right now but we can change out your box. He told me before he could change out the box for free. We would have to change our network name and redo our tv laptop and anything on the network. That wasn’t a big deal because I only have those and the printer. But he didn’t want to do it so he was trying to see what other package he could get me to work with mine. It kind of made me mad since I could change everything out for nothing and I could have what she gave me, he just didn’t want to be bothered with it. But I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe he could find me a cheaper deal and I would be fine with that. I rather have cheaper right now than 100 whatever. He came back said it was the best deal but she lied it would not work so he was changing my box out. When he first came in he as me what was wrong it was dropping out all the time. I told him no that a few years ago when I got it that it did but they came out did something and I have no problems with it. Told him what it was and we went from there.

Well he hooked it up an I have been on the phone with them 3 times with in 24 hours because all it does is drop and I can’t do anything hardly on here. Every few seconds or minutes it is dropping connection. I have been on the phone since and still have horrible connection. It took me about 10 times to post last night. I write them in a word doc and then paste here so I don’t lose them. But I can’t do that with my final. So I didn’t even try to do my final because if I started it dropped and I lost it then I wouldn’t be able to start it again. I can’t go back into it once it is dropped or turned it. Now I have both to do in the next 12 hours. On top of going to therapy and the other appointment’s.

I am sure they will want to send someone back out but I have places to be tomorrow and today and I need it to work last night and today not whenever they can get out here. I may still look at going to AT&T at this point if they can give me something cheaper and better service. I know they came around to the door the other week but I didn’t have time to talk to them. Many of the houses around me switched over to them from Bright House. I also thought this new company came in and took Bright House over maybe the service would get better and the prices would as well. I just don’t understand why I didn’t have problems once they fixed it before and now I do. Everyone else complains all the time they have the same problem and no matter how many times they come out and fix it it is never fixed. I would have changed a long time ago if they had not changed mine and fixed it before. To think I was thinking about picking up a cable package since I would have a little extra money coming in. Not at this point I am thinking to switch to something else. Try to get Dish for tv and something else for internet because you can’t get good internet from a Dish.


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