{August 5, 2016}   Oh What a Happy Day

My divorce papers came in the mail today, they say as of July 29th I am divorced. I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling. It just feels like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I know I have what is best for my kids in writing and the only way it can be changed is going to court. I know the odds of him going to court to do anything is slim to none.20160805_010455

I have been asking him for a week for the money he owes me and about child support, when he was going to start paying if he was going to pay by the week or month since he gets paid every week with this job. I really don’t care. The month would be good because I wouldn’t have to worry about waiting on my money every week until whenever he decides to pay it. But weekly is fine as long as he is doing his part. He is already crying the I’m broke blues.

I don’t know how he is broke because he worked 7 days straight with 4 of them being 10 hour days and 3 8’s. Plus he got his last check from the other place he worked out for a month or less. He got paid for 7 days their. Altogether last Friday he brought home at least $1200. He will get another check tomorrow for about $800. He is supposed to give me S120 a week and owes me $560. He is saying he still has all his rent to pay because he has to pay the full month himself because his roommates paid it all last month when he wasn’t working. I figured out if he paid me two weeks child support and all his rent he would still have $900 and something left between what he got last week and what he will get this Friday. Even if he paid me half of what he owed me he still have money for gas food and other things he needs and could pay me the other half next week. I showed him the other day that he could do this pay everything he is behind and have money left in the bank in just those two weeks. Now he does not have but $500 left out of all the money he got Friday and then will have his check this week. He has not paid child support for last week and the divorce papers say from the day it is granted until the last child turns 18, finishes or drops out of high school. He says I needed tools and bought this or that with it. I told him tonight I need the money that you are supposed to be giving me and I need the money you owe me because I have bills to pay too not whenever you get around to it. You didn’t have to beg and wait weeks to get the money I lent you or your check and I am not going to beg or wait weeks to get the money you owe the kids or the money you owe me. The kids need clothes and school supplies by Wednesday and I have bills due the next few days. I don’t know what to do with the money i have until I know how much he is going to give me.

I should have asked in court for the child support to be taken from his check every week and I didn’t even think about it when we were in there. I thought that it was something they just did anymore but was going to ask them to be sure or ask them how to set that up. For the simple fact I knew this is how it would be. I am kicking myself in the ass for not remembering to ask them. I haven’t said anything about it to him as of yet, but if he keeps on and does not get me the money for days and I have to ask over and over and hear he has to see what he has after he pays his bills, I will go to child support enforcement and tell them he makes twice as much now and he refuses to pay me when he is supposed to pay me. I want you to re-figure his monthly payment and then I would like it to be taken out of his check every week and sent to me. I understand I will have to wait for it to go into my bank or what and it might be Monday and not Friday. But I will know it is coming and I won’t have to sit and wonder if he is going to pay me or buy himself new tools or something instead, then tell me he don’t have it this week. Or wait until Wednesday or something for the money.

Other than that I had to go back to the childcare place because the daycare said the kids couldn’t start until next Wednesday. Well they want them to start as soon as they get the founding letter. So they were working on that. Tuesday she was just giving me founding for Little Bitty and said Little Guy didn’t get it because he was starting school. They told me before as long as he hadn’t started then he would get it until I had to redo it next year. Today she told me they are both starting Next Monday and that she was wrong me and the other girl was right he could get it for the year. I am so happy I could really use that week between my classes ending today and starting new ones the 15 to get my house back in order and a routine figured out for when they all start back the next two weeks. Them going Monday will give me two days with the older kids here to help me get things in order. Then they start Wednesday.

Right now both little ones get up to 6 hours a day childcare. Once school starts the 16 then my little one will go to more hours and my older will go to before and after care hours. I was shocked at what she said I had to pay for them this week for the 60 hours between the two they get. They said I only have to pay $3.75 a week. I thought it was for the two but I think it is for each. But still that is nothing compared to what daycare cost. I am so blessed to be able to know they are somewhere learning and being taken care of and get the time to focused on my classes and do what I need to do for them so that hopefully we won’t need the help and things in a year when it comes time to redo it all.

She has to make changes because of school starting me taking on more classes and him starting school so the price may go up or down a little but not much she said. I also told her that I would be getting my child support sometime this month or by the first of next month we were just waiting on the divorce papers to come in the mail. she said just turn them in and give her a call.

I don’t think this day could have been any better short of winning the lottery. It’s almost as good as, maybe I should have bought a lotto ticket tonight as good of a day as I have had. Bounce if I won my divorce papers came in already I wouldn’t have to share any of it(evil grin).

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