It is no secret that I want to start a store and do resale for kids items. I talked about it a while back in Flexible Job, I went so far as to meet a man and check out a little space he had. But it was just that very little and upstairs. On top of that after crunching numbers I just didn’t see it working out. I would have to put the money into it and it would have to turn a profit from month one. We all know that is not a reasonable expectation of a business. Most say it takes a good year to start seeing profit. I am thinking with what I want to do it would take about 6 month.

Well yesterday when I took the kids to therapy I noticed a shop down stairs was open. It is a store front and a little bigger than the one upstairs. I would have the window to put stuff in for people to see and get them to come in. I would be right out where everyone walks by.

I started thinking about it and if it would be something worth checking into or if I would be in the same situation I was before because of needing to pay bills there and at home. The fact it is still not that big even though it is bigger than the other space, would I have room for all I would need to have and do? The more I thought about it the more it seems like this time it would work way better than before.

Now the divorce is done I would not have to worry about father of the year trying to say he wanted part of my business because I started it why we were “married”, two he is going to be paying child support so between that and the money I have coming in now it would pay the bills at home. I don’t need the extra space for the kids like I needed before because they all will be in school or daycare. I won’t have to worry about trying to teach them, go to school myself and run the store because they are going to school too. It would only have to pay for it’s self and I think I could make enough to do that each month even from the start. But I would have my student loan money to use to start it and to help pay the house and there as well. Like I said I think in 6 months or less I could be not only paying it’s own bills to stay open but giving me profit to take home.

The only draw back is that I would need someone to watch the store for me a couple days a week while I was in class. I don’t know if I would make enough to do that as well. But I can trade my class out and take another online class to replace it. Then I could be there to have the store open. If I open that I could take my laptop in and use it there and do my school work and get most of it done a lot of days while I waited on people to come in. The only time I would have to close then is to take my test at the school for each class or get someone to sit there for a couple hours why I did it. I could have my sister or I have a few friends that would do it I could just pay them for the few hours. I could even just let my sister get stuff she wanted for the kids for doing it.

I have inventory that I could put in there right now. Some big things and if I sold them it would pay half the rent or more for one month. I have people who want to bring stuff in and sell it already if I do it as well and they think that a 40/60 split is great deal to not have to do nothing but bring it in and collect the money after it sells.

I go back and forth on it, I keep asking myself if I want to take that on with all I have to do but most of what I had to do is going to be in school I won’t need the extra space for them to have an area to be there and work. I won’t have to worry about all their schooling. My older two won’t even get home work. I can do mine sitting there or at night if I really had something pressing I needed to get done. Money wouldn’t really be a problem. Then I tell myself what better opportunity and set up is going to come along. Everything that was keeping me from doing it before is pretty much gone. So now there really is no excuse not to do it. If I let this pass me by then I probably will never get this kind of chance again.

I think the biggest thing holding me back is what everyone else is going to say or how they are going to react. I don’t know why because what anyone thinks or has to say about it really don’t matter I am the one doing it not them. I really don’t care I just hate dealing with it and listening to it. I think I will call the guy tomorrow and see how much he wants to rent the place. I know it is rent, lights water included. I was told they thought he got about $500 but like last time he was like if that is to much I can come down. He has other empty spaces too so he wants to get them full as well. I don’t think there is wi fi but I can use my hotspot from my cable company or get cheap internet service. To do what I need to do for school and things. I know there are place close that have free wi fi anyway so I could probably use that even.


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