Remember the move Groundhogs Day where the guy had to relive the same day over and over again until he finally got everything right? I feel like that is me today, I looked on line this morning and my divorce is showing up and says it has been there since 8/1. I was mad because if that was the case then they could have given me a copy of it. I called when they opened and ask them what I needed to do to get a copy of it and she said just come in. I told her I was there yesterday and they said they couldn’t give me a copy but it said it had been done since 8/1. I ask her to look it up and make sure that what was needed was there so I didn’t waste another trip there. She looked and said that they had just pulled it from somewhere and put it in there around two yesterday afternoon. Figures just hours after I left.

I am waiting on everyone to get ready so I can drop the little two at daycare and then go back to all the places I went yesterday. Wish me luck,


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