{August 12, 2016}   New Hair Cut

I stopped by my friends shop to waste some time while I waited on the older kids to get out of school because I didn’t figure I would have time to go to the DMV. After her customers left she got a hold of me. She cut and dyed my hair for me. We got the dye in and I had to run and get the kids and go back. Her shop is right across the street from the kids school. I just had to drive across and around a side street a block or so to get to the back of the buildings. Then I went back and let her finish it up. I don’t know if I like it yet or not. She layered it, got all the frizz, dead ends and things out of it. It is a little shorter than I would like I know but I know she had to go short with it to get it all off. I would rather just cut most of it off now and not have to keep waiting on it to grow and cut it over and over to get it all off.

Really it probably needed a little more cut off but but I didn’t want to cut it that short. But it won’t be that much to cut off later. It was about mid way down my back and is right no my shoulders now. I told her I didn’t have the money to get anything done to it right now she did it anyway. I will go by when I get my money and pay her and tip her well for doing it for me. She was a single mom too and knows how it is.

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