It’s been a interesting day, I keep seeing things that remind me of my dad different places. I seen a bunch of the trucks and the guys from where he use to work on my way to my friends. I seen them in my area working yesterday but for some reason today it just really got to me. I got a little upset watching them go by and looking at the guys in them. Thinking about how I use to see my dad in there all the time coming and going and knew the guys he worked with and things. Thinking about how much has changed that I didn’t know who any of the guys in the three trucks that past me were even.

Then at the DMV I was sitting there waiting to be called, the place was pretty full and a line had formed and was backed up to the door about out it. I was looking at my phone and talking to the kids not even paying attention to who was coming and going or around. I caught someone out of the corner of my eye come just into the door and stop. In my head something was saying look who is that? I looked up and got a good look at them just as they turned and walked back out the door. It looked just like my dad did about 8 years ago. I tried to show the kids but as quick as they walked in they walked back out and left. I looked at the kids and they were like what? I guess I had a odd look on my face. I ask them if they just seen that man my oldest said I she seen him some as he walked out. I told them he looked just like Grandpa when they where little.

When I got back there and got my license it came to thirty something and twenty five cents. I have a pocket full of change so I pulled out a handful. I grabbed a quarter and started to hand it to the lady. It felt funny I looked at the date and decided to give her a different one. They next one was a bicentennial. I grabbed another and gave her. I showed the kids they had not really seen one before and was asking about them when I got my tattoo. They thought that was neat.

Just little things today and I don’t know why today I have noticed them so much and it has been so hard.


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