Is about to start, I have two 20 gallon bins piled high with clothes to get rid of out of every ones stuff. I have a bag of stuff to list on line and try to sell to help get uniform shirts for my little guy. They had a uniform shirt sell at his school for used uniforms. I got there and they were sold out of his size and looking at the ones they had there for all the rest they looked like they came out of the rag bag. They had posted that “genitally” used ones were $5 and ones with stains were $3. I would be embarrassed to donate clothes that looked like the ones that were there to anyone much less put them out and sell them. For a church to expect people to buy stuff in that shape I think is horrible. Again I don’t have a ton of money but I try and make sure my child is dressed nice and the parents I see going in and buying what was there just get on my nerves. They are dressed to the T or in uniforms from work and you can see they work decent jobs. Then come in there and buy rags for their kids to wear to school. I understand uniforms are not cheap when you have to buy them with school name on them. But it is the point when most are not even paying for the school you would think the least they could do is buy their kids decent clothes to wear.

Someone said you would think they would be worried about their kids getting picked on for not having nice shirts. I said not because they all bring in the rags their kids outgrew and trade them for rags someone else kid outgrew and so they are all in rags. So no one can really say anything and pick on anyone because they are all wearing the same. Don’t get me wrong I am not to good to wear used clothing or buy used clothing for my kids. My little ones up until about the last year or two got most all their clothes use. We had a great shop in town that sold everything for like $5 or less and they bought your used kids clothing or gave you store credit for them. I could take one of those plastic shopping bags from like Wal Mart in full of clothes and get $30 or more store credit. I could go through what she had and find the kids all kinds of nice clothes for my two little one. I wrote before about my mom saying something about why was it that my two little ones mostly only got used clothes and why they weren’t “good” enough to have new like the rest of the kids. A lot of what I got my little ones was name brand stuff that I wouldn’t buy for my little or big kids at the price they want for it. 80% or more had tags on it or you could tell it had never been washed and wore. It was nicer than what I would find at the store that I could buy and it was cheaper most times or the same price but better quality stuff. It is harder for me to find my older kids stuff used at the stores because they do not have stores that sell bigger sizes for the older kids like they do for the little kids. We are starting to get a few but they are so far away that it wouldn’t make since to go that far when I could use the extra money that would be spend in gas to buy them more here at stores that are close. We do go to the goodwill sometimes and get things but it again is a hit and miss. Some of our favorite things come from thrift stores. So I am not to good to buy his uniforms there if I was I wouldn’t have end checked to see what they had in his size. And I do not put down anyone who buys used but buy your kid nice stuff not things that are wore out. There is a difference in in used and wore out people. It be one thing if they didn’t have it and could’t get any different but a lot of them you know probably can when they are dressed to the nines every time you see them. Hell if I couldn’t I would be pulling out all the nice clothes I was walking around in and selling them to get my kid clothes. I can’t do that because I have a handful of shirts and two pair of pants right now. But that is because I have been making sure the kids have what they need instead of buying me clothes. That just what you do. Most of it comes down to budget and priorities a lot of times. It amazes me how few people know how to budget or have their priories all mixed up. And how many people who have way more than me to work with and way less people to take care of can’t do it and are amazed how I do it on such a tight budget but my kids always look nice and have what they need. They may not always have what they want or get it when I have planed to get it but they always have the things they need.

Hints why I am cleaning out and pulling out stuff I had sat aside to sell before and didn’t get around to with going to school to sell now to get his uniform shirts. Right now I am going to go get a few shirts for $5 each for him to wear this week until I can get the ones with the school name on them. They are just going to have to deal with it I don’t know why they have to have the school logo on them anyway as long as they are polo shirts in the right colors.



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