Today was the first day of classes and I have barely gotten to even look at them. I can’t even get into one of them yet. I spent the day running my mother to the college, she ended up spending hours there. While I was there waiting and din’t have children in tow I decided to go ahead and change my major. I had to give the lady my id to log me in since I didn’t have my school id as she gave it back to me I thought of having to change my name. I told her I needed to do that as well and got the paper for it. She said I had to talk to the same person to do both so that worked out good. The only thing is now I forgot to go get a new school id so it had the right information on it. I just thought of it why I was sitting here. I guess I will stop in tomorrow and do it. I just go to the little building at the end of my street here to do it instead having to drive all around campus and to the back like most things. It should only take a minute.

Why I was waiting on her after I finished something kept telling me to go on line and look at my school stuff before I left. I started to a few times and didn’t because I had left my phone in the truck. Then she had to go over to where the computers where and I had to show her something on there so I went to help her. When she got done I got on and looked my account up and looked at the one class that I wanted to start today but was going to have to start next month because I got put in the wrong one and the other was full. The one I wanted to get in that started today was showing it had two openings so I tried to sign myself up for it and it would not let me do it. I had to sign back in and see someone to help me get that done. But at least they got it done. It isn’t showing up yet I guess it will tomorrow. I hope that I do not have a bunch of stuff that is due Wednesday when I can’t even get into it until tomorrow.

I was looking at 3 out of 4 classes that I can get into the work is due Sunday night by 11:59 pm. Then the 4th one is due Monday night by 7pm. That really stinks because I count on that time in the evening after the dinner to get things done if I have something come up and can’t get it and now it is due right away. No other teacher does that. It looks like most of them aren’t going to let you work ahead either, a lot of times I get started in a class and will just keep working, I might work through all of the week and the next one or two depending on how much is there for them. Then move on to the next class and do the same thing. Other times I just do the week’s work and move on or have to because one of my other classes has more to be done than normal.

I don’t know why it bothers me that everything is due Sunday and Monday either, but it does. I think I am going to just go with all 4 are due Sunday no matter what so that I make sure that I have the work for that 7 pm class done so that if something happens Monday and I can’t get to it until late it gets done.

I can’t find the calender’s planer that I want to use for my class either. I got a different one last term and ended up not using it after I all because I didn’t like the way it was set up. They are simple dollar calendars from the everything is a dollar store but they changed them up on me. There really isn’t a huge difference but it is the way I was able to organize everything before it is just different.

I think all 3 out of 5 of my teachers are males. I like it that way, although most of the female teachers I have had other than one I have to say I really liked and did fairly well in their classes. I really didn’t like the teacher in the one class as much as her way of doing things and all the non-since work she piled on and required us to do. I thought it was just me and I sucked it up and done it, but toward the end of the class I talk to a few people who said the same thing that it was an extreme amount of work she gave and expected. But I find that a lot of times the guys classes are pretty easy, and they seem more willing to answer questions and help if you have problems without making you feel like you are bothering them for asking or making you feel like dumb and like you should know it.



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