We are three days into kindergarten and vpk 3 and we have had our first meltdown this morning. My kinder wanted to take his ninja turtle to school. I told him that they are not allowed to bring their own toys. He begged and told me that it was for show and tell. Of course it is because isn’t that what every thing any kid wants to bring to school that they are not supposed to for? But it’s for show and tell. Oh well in that case. I never understood show and tell when you tell kids don’t bring this stuff because it might get broken or lost all year but then these days you can bring it. Like just because it is show and tell day it can’t get broken or lost. Sure you keep it in your cube or backpack but isn’t that what you would do every other day as well? But magically on show and tell day it won’t get lost, broken or go missing. I don’t get the thinking there. My Little Guy hasn’t thought of that yet or I am sure he would have said it to the teacher this morning. I know show and tell is supposed to be a treat an something fun they get to do and that is why get to bring things. But kids when they are that little just want that day to be ever day and don’t understand.

So we had about 10 minute meltdown when we got to class because it isn’t show and tell day. To make it even better the teacher tells them they are going to have show and tell but then don’t even give them a day so they can count down and look forward

to it. I had him go show her what he brought and ask if it was show and tell day, she said no and went on about other stuff. I stopped her and ask her what day it was? Once a week on this day or every other how they done it? All she says is when we are going to do it I will send a note home. So the poor kids are all excited for this and then have no clue when they get to have it. My Little Guy said another little boy brought something in yesterday so he must of like my son thought they could bring something any day they were going to do it at x time or that it was that day. I don’t know if there was a melt down from that child or not I wasn’t there.

I’m not sure about this teacher at all really, she seems really nice but kind of clueless at the same time. Anyone remember that show Secrete Life of the American Teenager? Remember The Sausage King Ben’s dad’s wife Betty the ex hooker? This is who this women reminds me of.


The first day of school my Little Guy came home telling me, my teacher told us this story today and it was horrible just horrible. I asked what it was and he said it was to bad he could’t tell me. He was upset about it. First I thought one of the bible stories and my older son did too, he asked him if it was when the people were nailed to the cross? He said no it was about a kid and what happen to him. We finally figured out it wasn’t a bible story but he still wouldn’t tell us what it was. He said that it was really bad he didn’t know why she told it to them. Finally he told us it was something about a little boy wanting to mow the yard with his dad and he kept telling him no and he kept begging so the dad let him. Well something happen and the boys toes got cut off with the lawn mower. I didn’t get anymore information about it than that. I am not sure why you would tell a group of 5 years old’s this story but she did. I am wondering if this is why he didn’t want to go to school today if she told them something else yesterday and part of the huge meltdown over the toy. He don’t normally meltdown like that or not want to go to school.

The open house night we went to the class to meet the teacher and everything, the kids were all running around playing with the different toys, that was fine. Well a group of kids sit down and start playing with these musical instruments I didn’t think anything of it, until I look down and they have recorders and others that go in your mouth and they are all passing them around blowing on them. I looked just as one kid handed it to mine and he was about to blow on it. I told him not to do that you aren’t supposed to put things in your mouth others have had in theirs. I know when I am not there this is what is going to go on because they are kids and that is just what kids do. They don’t think of things like that. And she don’t see a problem in it either because she stood right there and listen to us talk and never said oh no those are only for one person to play with we need to clean them before the next person or nothing. Then watched the other kids pass them around to each other. Today while I was in talking to her there they are out again and and group of kids playing with them and passing them around. There are some there that do not go in your mouth she could leave them out put the others away until she is there with them to make sure they are not getting passed around.

They tell the kids don’t share drinks and food but lets all spit on the same toy. I don’t know what the other kids in the class might have or may be carrying something and haven’t gotten sick yet and passing it around. Besides that it’s just gross. I want to say something to the teacher but I do not think she is going to be very receptive of it or like it. She has been doing this for over 20 years so I am sure it has been pointed out to her before. I want to say something to the office about it and the story but they have said if there is a problem talk to the teacher first then come to us if you need to. She is the ministers mother as well so I don’t know that it is going to matter either way. I don’t want them to single him out because I say something about it either, or look like I am just that parent that complains about everything. But at the same time I feel these things should not be happening either. It’s sticky how to go about handling it because it involves my kid and the people he has to spend 6 hours a day with.


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