{August 18, 2016}   Lost in Youtube

I have sat here for I don’t know how long watching music videos on youtube when I should be doing my school work. I want to do it, it’s all stuff that I am interested in, again I just can’t get focused. I got all logged in and started to the class that is due in the morning. I thought I would put something on to listen to while I worked and I don’t know what happen the next thing I know it’s hours later and I have gotten nothing done. I have got to get my self back on track and start sitting down and doing the work like I did when I first started classes last year. I didn’t even really like the classes I took the first two terms but I would fly through them and get the work done ahead of time, if not I sit down and get it done when it needed to be done with no problems. I could get lost in it and work on it for hours just like I have watched youtube and played around with other stuff for hours today. Even when I get started I work a little and move on to another class or something else.

I guess now as late as it is I am going to go put dinner in the crock-pot and try to get something done before I have to get the kids and start the running around with them.

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