{August 23, 2016}   There is Always That One In The Group

That is a problem and that is where I am with one of my 5 classes I am taking. I don’t know why it seems so easy but I can’t wrap my mind around it and get the work done right. I got like 70% for the first week and he gave me points on that because it should have been lower. He said he was going easy the first week until we get things figured out. But this week I am sol if I don’t figure it out and get it right. We do not have papers and things due for this class like research papers so that is great, so I thought. But that means our board post have to be longer and a little more involved than most. That was fine as well, because they are easy to do, so I thought. Well he wants it done by the FAIR guide. I response has to be done by a guide to but that isn’t that hard I can get that. I do not know why I am having such a hard time figuring out how to write my responses in FAIR guidelines. It makes since but it don’t to me. I don’t know why. Last week we had two responses that needed to be done that way in one post. I did one but not the other because I ran out of time and because I was having such a hard time with it. He said my work was very lose and not very good basically I know it wasn’t I won’t deny that because I didn’t know what I was doing and I was just trying to get something turned in and do the best I could working around what I was supposed to be doing. It does not help that the work is due by 8 pm Friday night instead of 11 pm. I know it shouldn’t matter but I need those last few evening hours to work a lot of times. I am trying to transition over to doing it in the morning why the kids are at school it just don’t seem to work that way. I just work so much better at night when I get them to bed. I end up working most the night sleeping for a little bit, taking them to school then napping in the morning. I am really working on changing it and trying hard to. I went to be early last night then laid there for hours before I fell a sleep.

But the biggest problem is Figuring out how to write all my stuff in this FAIR format I can get stuff in when ever it is due rather I like it or not. But I can’t get it in if I do not understand it and it is not making since to me. I have researched it and read over it and looked at what he did and the examples. I thought about asking him but I don’t know what more he can tell me to get me to understand it. It’s just not how my mind does things or works when it comes to writing and I don’t know how to get it to break it down like that and make since too. At this point I would almost rather write a paper or two for the class and be done with it than doing the boards. I figure he is going to say your in college you should know how to write, it’s simple enough or whatever. I feel so stupid that I can’t figure out something this simple. Well it looks simple and I am sure it is to most but like I said it isn’t something I have ever seen or use to doing and can’t really figure it out.

I guess I got to go get the kids from school run to the store for my mom and then get home make dinner and get kids to bed so I can figure it out. Anyone use FAIR and can explain it to me in a way I may understand?

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