{September 5, 2016}   Money is Money

Me and the kids went the store last night or the night before everything is one big day right now. we were looking around some how we ended up in the shoes. I seen two pair of boots I wanted, one I wanted last year but they didn’t have my size. The others are new this year. I was going to get a couple pair and let the kids pick out a pair or two and put them on layaway that had just started. I told my oldest to go over and ask how much we had to put down on layaway to start it. They told her you can not layaway clothes and shoes. But you can layaway Tv’s, video games, toys and all that kind of things.

I don’t understand their thinking here. What is the difference if I put $$400 worth of clothes and shoe’s in there than if I put a $400 tv or $400 worth of toys? $400 is $400 whatever I spend it on. Way to go lets make is easy and convenient for parents to come in a spend $100’s on crap for their kids that they don’t need but god for bid we make it a little easier for them to buy them things they need and can use like shoes and clothes. It’s not like I even wanted to leave them that long. I just wanted to put them in so everyone could get the ones they liked and the size they want while they just got stock in and had a nice selection. I could pay them off next week when I get my money. They had some other clothes I would have liked to put in there for the kids and me as well to get ready for winter. I have good mind going somewhere else next week to look for shoes when I get my money. I hate shopping there but it is the closes store to get things at without going 10 or 15 miles away. Maybe more and I don’t want to do that just for a few things here and there so I end up shopping there.

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