I have done my fingerprints and started my training to be come a Gaurdian Ad Litem here in my area. I did my first day of in class training yesterday and will do one more day next Saturday. I had some at home stuff to do and then will do court observation and field training with someone who has been there for a while or the person over me.

I wanted to do this before but with being a stay at home mom I just didn’t have someone to watch the kids and things why I went to do it. Now that they are all in school I can do it why they are at school. It also will give me extra credit for some of my classes at school if I do 20 hours a semester. I know I have one maybe two that are offering extra credit right now but always have at least one each term. Plus I found out that there is some kind of thing at the school that they offer if you do so many hours aside from what is offered in the class.

They say this will give me 8-12 hours a month. I have to go see the child or children at least once a month but can go more often if I would like and have time. I can pick up extra hours that way or take a case that has more than one child to see every month. We also get credit for the time spent driving and there and they said sometimes your there a while. The foster parents want to talk to you and tell you everything that is going on or the children are just happy to see you and talk and talk to you.

We also need to get with teachers, doctors and others that deal with the child and talk with them, as well as go to the visitation the child has with the parents and other children in the family if they are not housed together. every 6 months or so we go to court as well.

After 6 months we are allowed to transport them so we can take them to the park or to get a drink something like that. We are allowed to take them to events in the area and they will give us tickets to take them places too. I just have to see if I am allowed to take them along with my children or if it can only be them and me. I don’t mind not taking any other adults with me that is fine. I just don’t want to do all this stuff with them and not be able to take mine because then I would have to leave mine somewhere in order to take them and then take mine another time and that would take up a lot of time.

It will also all depend on how the child is as to taking them out and doing things with them or wanting to have them around my kids. I know that it is not these kids faults they have been through a lot but I may not be able to have them around eve if we are allowed too.

It seems like a very rewarding but also hard to do thing at times. She said most cases end up with the kids going home but some do end up with going to court to terminate the parents rights and finding adoptive families for them. She said and then there are the older kids who do not want to be adopted out either. They would rather age out so that they get the free college and other things that are offered to them once they do age out. It makes it a little easier on them sometimes to not be in order to get the services.

Now I have to decide what kind of case I want, where at and what age range I want the child to be. I told them I would do close around my house and north of me and they said they had a big need for children in the north area of our county so I know that that is probably where I will take a case from. I want to work with older kids once I get out of school and would like to work with them now, but I just don’ t know if I am ready for that right now just starting out. She said everyone wants to work with the babies I would love to work with the babies but I know that older kids really need someone because most do want to work with babies. I was thinking maybe in the 2 to 3 range but keep going back to the older kids maybe 10 to 13 age. Then maybe take on a “teen’ when I can take on a second case.

We also get to look at each case an why the child was taken out of the home, who they are living with and things like that to help pick. She said if anyone wanted to work with sexual assault children we have to take extra training classes to be able to do that. I don’t know if I want to do that or not it would bother me what happen to them it would really get to me with the little ones. Not just the little ones the older ones too but you know what I mean I am sure. It just makes me mad anyone would do that at all to anyone. But I would do the training and take cases if they have a shortage of people and need people. I probably will do it down the road but I don’t think I want to take on more training right now and do it. I know what I can handle right now and i don’t think I can talk on anymore training or a case like that.

I was shocked she said they take 1 to 5 new cases every day of kids being sheltered and needing someone. She said they took in 30 new cases last week alone. She said that they have about 300 guardian’s right now and close to 1000 kids in our area that need someone. There were about 17 of us in the training class. They say we can only take on 1 case for the first 6 months but if we are able to do it and the cases aren’t to much then sometimes we can take another. It just depends if they feel it is going to to be more involved or how well you do I guess.

I hope it is a good as they are saying and that they really do the things they say they do and help the kids like they say. I don’t want to get in there and everyone just does what they have to do to get by and ignore everything like a lot of places that work with foster kids. If it is I won’t be staying I don’t care if they did pay for my background check and I said I would do this for a year or so. If they are not truly looking out for the best interest of the child and making sure they get the services and things they need then they are not doing what I was told. I think they are because I know someone else who works with them and they have for years and does a lot to help get people in and to raise money for them I don’t think he would work so hard to do it all if they didn’t he is like me he wants to really help and make a difference.

I just want to get started the training is so boring and common since stuff and stuff I already know from my classes at school. I also have to go get clothes to wear to court because although we don’t go to often I still have to dress for court. There idea of dressed for court is different than mine so……….



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