{September 20, 2016}   In a Hurry



Not thrilled about the video its self but it is pretty fitting. I have always liked this song since I was little. But I really do feel like this train in the video flying down the track to get things done even when I do not have to. I never feel like I should just sit still if I am awake I feel like I have to always be going or doing something. If nothing more but sitting her at the table with my laptop playing a game. I have to be doing something. Most time I am sitting here doing school work, but when it comes to other stuff I have to get it done now not drag it out or let it drag out and take forever.

Just like going to school I could take fewer classes and take the two years to finish it. But I feel like why do that if I can take this many classes at a time and finish it in this amount of time? Why drag it out and take two years when I can have it done in one or one and a half? One reason I never went before because I didn’t want to take forever to finish. Massage thing I did only took 7 months no problem going and signing up for that.

This training I started over the weekend for the Guardian Ad Litem thing it is only 30 hours they gave us about 8 hours to do at home, we did this past Saturday in class and have one to do next week, then court and field training. I feel like it is being drug out and taking to long to get done. I just want to be done with it and starting.

It’s everything I go to do or need to do, I just want to get it done and over with as fast as possible. It is not like I even have other things that I need to do or want to do. I may have other things to do but I have time to do them, I am not trying to hurry to get to them and get them done.

I have the kids in school so that I can do my school work and get things done why they are there. I don’t get any of my school work done until they go to bed at night or after dinner at lest at night. Most nights I am sitting her at the time Saturday and Sunday rushing to get it done and turned in by 11:59 pm Sunday and 7 am Monday. But right now I have three A’s and a B out of my five classes.

My fifth class I am not doing very good in at all. Well I was doing ok in it but I am having a hard time doing the work the way he wants the writing done. I had decided to drop it and either take it with a different teacher or even take it in class another term. Since I had decided that I didn’t do any work in that class for two weeks while I was waiting to make it to the school and drop it. Then the other day I didn’t go because it was pouring so hard I could hardly see my truck sitting in my driveway. Then later I was thinking about my classes and how many more I needed to take and what it would mean if I dropped this one and all that kind of thing, I decided to just keep it and try to finish it so that I w do not have to worry about taking it again in a few months and I don’t have to pay to take it again and pay to get the book again. I think that even missing the work I have I can still get at least a C in the class. He gives a mid =term then a retake or second midterm so that gives me room to make extra points where most classes are not like that.

I think I just got scared that it was wanting things that I wasn’t sure about and not good at that I was going to end up spending way to much time trying to get through the class that my other classes were going to start to suffer from it. I seen my self starting to stress over getting the work for that class done and getting it just right and taking way to much time on it compared to my other classes. I did that last term and all my classes end up suffering over it. I didn’t want that to happen here so I figured maybe dropping it would be best. I just decided that I will do the work I will do it the best I can but I will not spend so much time on it my other classes suffer. If it comes down to that class or another than the other class comes first and I will get to that one when I am done with the other class.

You would think sitting down Sunday afternoon to get 10 to 12 assignments done would stress me out and cause a lot of problems. But it really don’t. The one class I was going to drop is due Friday at 8 pm. Such a wonderful time and on a great day. The work for it is not included in the 10-12, most of these but two are due Sunday by 11:59 pm. I find I work much better and get it done much easier waiting until Sunday and sitting down doing it all in one shot then working on it through the week why the kids are at school. It is almost impossible for me to work on it in the day time. I feel more rushed and like I should be doing other stuff. I sit down at night to work on it and I may work on my class that’s due Friday but that is about it and I get part of the way through it that is it. I would think I wouldn’t get that great of a grade doing it all that fast in that short amount of time but like I said I have three A’s and a B.

When I sit down Sunday I feel a little rush but not a lot. My mind says oh no you only have this long it watches every hour tick off the clock, sometimes every minute. I will play other things and do other things than my work a lot of times then go back and crack down on my work. But I feel ready I feel like it’s the time to do it and I can work right through it once I get myself started. Most the week I sit here forever at night just goofing off with other stuff or I will look through it all and at other stuff but never really can make myself sit and do it.

It helps they are in school it lets me get all the other things I need to do done and it lets me sleep the nights I do sit here all night working on stuff. But it would be nice to get it done in the day why they are not here and have Sunday to spend with them.



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