I have decided that I am going to go ahead and get a decent living room set that should last me a while. I am going to try and get my bedroom set as well when I can. One room at a time, may be slow but I will at least have a nice put together house. Not just what I can find cheap at the time to fit the bill because I have nothing.

If I just buy something for now it is going to be cheap I am not going to get much of anything out of it if I sell it when I leave here. There for I am going to have a small amount to find something when I get there. I will be back at trying to find whatever that is cheap to have something. I am tired of doing that and living with whatever and being ok with it to have something. We have been here for two and a half years doing that and just starting to get stuff that we want that is decent and works. Why do I want to take the money and waste it on something that I am going to use a year or so and get nothing out of when I sell it. If I buy what I was looking at buying it probably won’t last more than a couple years and I am going to be replacing it. Plus it is not something that I really like, it is just something I am getting to make do with to have something. right now why I can squeak it out and get it I may as well get what I want that is going to last me a while and just pay the little extra to move it when I go.

This way when we get where we are going we can set a place up to move into go there and set up our new house. We will have all the big things we need and can just relax spend time exploring our new area meeting people and things like that. Instead of getting there having a empty house and having to not only find stuff for it but find our way around town and someone to help us get it home if we can’t and all that. Plus I will be out less money this way as well I think because like I said I will not be putting out money to get something now and then having to come up with money to get something later. Right now a cheap living room set that I don’t like is going to cost about $500, that is half of what a well made nice set that I really like is going to cost me. If I buy it now I may get $200 to $300 out of it. Then I am going to be back to buying another set that probably isn’t going to last long for $500 and all I have is $300 so I am going to have to put another $200 with it. Now I am $700 or more into a living room set and still probably don’t have one I really like or that is made very well. I may have more into it depending on how much I get out of the one I have now to put toward the first one. If I just keep the one I have now it is useless because I never use the living room because it is not great to sit on and it is just sitting there getting more and more used by the kids and not going to be worth much if anything by the time I move so I am going to have nothing to get one when I get there. I do not want to end up with another one like I have. So for what I will have in two I don’t really want I could have one I really want. So that is what I am going to do. I will take all I make off the one I have now and put down on the new one when it comes that should make my payment for a few months until I get some money again. Then I can pay it off. I still have this other furniture I can sell and will probably just put that with it and pay it off or close to off and not be out a bunch of money. It seems like the the best option when I really look at them and what is out there and what I am going to spend.

I hadn’t really looked into all the options, pros and cons just knew what was out there. But now I am ready to decide and have a couch picked that I want and one that I will get if I went the other way. I was going to go check on the one I had picked to get by with until I was talking to a friend and I really got to thinking about it I was like this is crazy and going to spend the same money and still have just whatever. I decided I should just get what I want. So my goal is to get my stuff sold tomorrow or Sunday and get my couch ordered. I have to even see if my store a few blocks away will order it or if I have to go to the other store by where I use to live with RC to get it. I had this same sectional before and it was from the store by me, they told me they were going to stop carrying it those were the last two they could get. But when I called the place that makes them they said that I could only get them from that store. I called the one that I use to deal with and they said they would order it. If I order it by Monday it will be here with in a week. If I order it after that it will be two weeks or something like that.

I really hope I like it as much as I did when I had it in the past. It’s just kind of a simple black corduroy type cushions and then the leather or leather like bottom and sides, it has a big ottoman that goes with it.


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