{September 23, 2016}   A Day Out With The Big’s

Last night I received a call from the bigger kids school saying they would not have school today. They said that the teacher and principle of the school were both in a car accident and in the hospital. They didn’t know how they were just that they were waiting on CT sans and MRI’s. The principle just came back this week after being out for two because of neck and back surgery. They are the main two at the school so one of them have to be there for the school to be open. I am really hoping that they are both ok. I know how bad the simplest of accidents can be and then for her to have just had surgery on top of it is really bad. I don’t even know how bad the accident really was eve.

We took the little kids to school and I took my big ones out to breakfast just me and them. We never really do anything just me and them. They wanted to go to some thrift stores and things so we did that. One was next to the place where I buy my furniture and things a lot of times. I went in there to just look around.

They had the couch and love seat that is like the sectional I want but in gray not black. It didn’t have the ottoman I ask him if he could get it in black and get the ottoman to go with it he said no and he couldn’t get it in a sectional. It only comes in gray and brown. I was debating on getting the gray set but then we sat on it and I didn’t really care for it all that much. When I sat down my legs bent and I felt like I was sitting all bent in half and on the floor almost.

They have another gray set I have been looking at for about a year or so they had just started carrying it when I seen it. But it was over a $2000 set and I am not going to pay that for a set. I seen they had one it was less. We walked over and was looking at it and I started looking at the price on it. It is more than the black set I wanted by a few $100 and it was used. One person had rented it before and sent it back. It’s in nice shape still. They really hadn’t knocked that much off the price it was still at almost new price so figured they couldn’t have had it very long.

My friend came over he said don’t look at the price on the tag I can get you a deal on that one. I asked him how much of a deal since it had been rented before and it was still close to $2000. He looked at said he could give it to me for under $1000. I told him I was going to have to think about it and let him know.

I like the black set but I like this one too. I like the look of the black set I don’t know what it is about it I just like it. But I really like the one he has here because instead of the ottoman it has recliners two in the couch and two in the love seat. It isn’t a sectional, I don’t normally like Sectionals but I liked the black one. But I love the idea of the recliners vs the ottoman. It has a con soul thing in the middle of the love seat. I can sit there do my work and things without hurting like I do when I sit at the table for hours. I have wanted the set for a while. Even though it is used it is a nicer better made set than the black one even. I can get it for less than the black one and with the money I save from not buying the black one I could get the set of coffee and end tables to go with it and not spend any more than what I would have spent on just the black couch. I am not worried about it being used it is very clean they clean it good and it is in good shape. I could probably turn around sell it and get most of my money back out of it in a year. That point it only be two years old. It is is a good name brand set. The black one is not a name brand set it is just something the other company has made for their store only.

I would have until the end of January to pay it off same as cash so I am not out anymore just like the black one. I was worried about making payments on it and getting my money in time to pay it off but then I thought I am selling this couch and love seat and this bedroom set and can take all that money and put on it and that will pay it off or all but a few $100 of it off. I went back and told them to go ahead and bring it out tomorrow. I have a free month so I can work on getting this stuff sold and out of here. Then I can do it like I did my bed go pay it up until the last few months or so then just pay it off when the time comes or before even. I think I am going to call him back and ask him to add the coffee and end tables on as well. If I do that then I will have everything to set my living room up and both bedrooms up for all 4 kids. Then I can work on getting myself something for my room later and a dining room table. Really the only other things I need to have the house furniture in things that we like, wanted and picked out instead of with stuff that we just got because it was what we could afford at the time and it did the job.

I think I will like to use my living room more with this new stuff as well. Right now the couch I don’t like it isn’t comfortable, I can’t sit there long because my legs hang down or I have to put them up on the couch then it takes up room for the kids or someone to sit. I can recline. I have been wanting to watch stuff on tv lately as well so I can sit get comfortable and watch it. So it will be here tomorrow after 4.



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