{September 26, 2016}   Coming Together

Everything is finally coming together and getting done. Father of the year finally showed up I went to my training. He put the blinds up and I had him get the furniture out of the house and out of the way so that they could bring the new stuff. I am sitting here enjoying my new couch and writing my post. oh my gosh it is so much nicer than my other couch. I knew mine wasn’t that great but it was bad I almost feel bad to sell it to someone else it is so bad. But there is nothing wrong with it, it is in nice shape it is just very uncomfortable. That could just be me as well since my back and things are messed up, others may like them and find them very comfortable. I see a ton of them for sale new so they must be selling.

Father of the year has had some attitude today, not sure what his problem is, other than the fact he can’t stand it I got a new living room set. I came home and looking for a set of coffee tables that had a matching sofa table because the set I wanted didn’t have one and I want one. I have my t.v. sitting on a high top dining room table. It’s now very long or wide just big enough for two people. I like it and it works great for that. I was thinking if I could find a table set with a sofa table that matched I could sit the t.v. on the sofa table and it would all match. But I couldn’t find one. Talking about it he just made face and then just acted like an ass as always. Then my little one asked about the couches and what they were like I pulled up a picture to try and show him. I found one and it showed the couch middle folded down to make a little table. I said I know the love seat has a con soul I didn’t know the middle of the couch folded down like that I didn’t think it did. I said that will be nice I can fold it down put my lap top on it and sit do my school work or what and put my feet up so my legs don’t swell and hurt all the time like they do now. He just gave me a dirty look. He got up walked away and mumbled something about new set. I ask what he said nothing I didn’t say anything. I said why don’t you say it if you have something to say? He just gave me more dirty looks. I said well I am the one that pays for it and I have hardly used my t.v. or the living room set since I got it because it is horrible I should be able to have something that I can use. He just went on.

He don’t like it because even if he had his own place right now he would have nothing to put in it and he would have who knows what and in god only knows what kind of shape because he don’t budget his money and try to have anything nice. I don’t have a lot but I budget and figure out ways to get the things we want. Just like selling my old stuff to get new. He don’t like it that I’m just living life and moving on and doing good for me and the kids. He hasn’t been coming around as much since the divorce and I haven’t been talking to him much at all either. He don’t like it I’m not sitting around boo hoo because the divorce is over. Just like he said the other week about getting over me and he can’t. Just like the other week he is Still Trying to get back together or get me to have something to do with him. Since that night he really hasn’t been around much.

I just sat here why I had a free minute and was thinking about it and typed up a thing documenting how he has not taken the kids at all since the divorce, how he don’t let me know he isn’t taking them or ask if he needs a sitter, don’t come to see them during the week at all. How he thinks that if he takes them for the weekend I should be telling him everything I am doing or who I am talking to. That I have to ask and ask him to give me the child support that he owes and is supposed to be paying. That half the time I don’t get it until Wednesday or Thursday the following week and then have to wait on that weeks, for days or week at a time. I put how if he does have time with them he can’t at his house he has to come to mine and do it. I put it all in there. Just documenting so that when I go to move away he can’t fight it and if he does he isn’t going to have a leg to stand on. He will hang himself like he always does.

I read in my developmental psychology class last night that fathers who are on a every other weekend time share plan and a day during the week plan move on with life and don’t come around as much after the first two years. It would be nice if he just stopped coming around but I know it isn’t going to happen. The only way it might happen is if he moves to his own place or at least somewhere other than where he is living and meets someone new. I think that if he found someone knew he wouldn’t have a second thought about anything over here.

Once we move I don’t think we will hear from him much other. He will swear he has no money to come see the kids that he can’t bring them to his house if they come here or something. Mostly that he don’t have the money to get them back and forth and that he can’t get off work I am sure. But if you hear him tell it he will tell everyone I moved the kids away and won’t let him see them. But I don’t really care and if us moving was going to make it so bad then why didn’t he take it to the judge and tell her he didn’t want us to go? If he did they let us go? Probably because he wasn’t seeing them when they were right here a few miles away right. People aren’t stupid they are going to know when he starts his boohoo poor him bullshit.

But other than that everything is coming together here and going along pretty good. Me and the kids have the house almost refurnished with stuff that works for us and not just full of junk that we are making due with. The kids are loving school and their clubs. We are getting out and doing things more again than we have in years. Eve just going to the store, I have seen my friend in the store a lot lately she even said why your getting out more I never see you in the store. Because I feel like doing stuff going places and getting out. I just feel a lot more relaxed since I have everything done and not dealing with him around all the time. I’m not having to keep the peace and keep my mouth shut.

I am doing the volunteer thing I want to do and going to school now. I am about half way or more done with school once I finish these classes. I will only have two terms to go hopefully and will be done with that. I am getting my house back in order so I can have people over. We like to have people over for dinner, parties or just to hang out. The house has been in such chaos with trying to keep the peace and him always around I haven’t felt like doing it even though I wanted too. The house has just had minimum done to keep it up some things really need to be taken care of and put back together.

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