Now that I have a couch that I like and can get comfortable on I have found way to many t.v shows to get into and start watching. I have spent to much time on this couch watching t.v. Last night me and the kids go pizza came home put on or pajama’s and ate and curled up on the couch to watch a movie. We were all in bed by 9:30. The tw6o nights before and today I have been sitting here doing stuff on my computer and watching t.v.

I found three shows I have started watching but one I am hooked on already and binge watching. It’s called The Mysteries of Laura. I sat here and watched 5 episodes of it the other night and then watched 3 or 4 dateline episodes. But the Laura show is so funny and her ex reminds me of father of the year so much. He is always trying to dump the kids on her no matter what she has to do, refused to sign the divorce papers and thinks he is going to get her back. Just everything reminds me of him. I just say here and watched 5 more episodes when I should be doing other stuff. Now I have an hour and half to get dressed go get a birthday gift for my Big Boy who turns 11 today.

When you make your house a home you start to enjoy it and can become a little to comfortable. So just be careful when you start putting your house in order and getting new furniture. You may find you spend more time doing things you enjoy and lose track of the time.

You can’t say you have not been warned of the dangers of buying new furniture you like and not just making do.


2 thoughts on “The Danger OF New Furniture

  1. I’m actually looking forward to this. I can’t wait to have some stuff I really like in my house, if for no other reason than things can finally start getting put away for once!

  2. It’s nice because when I decided to get a divorce we pretty much left everything but our personal stuff and have been just making do with what we have. It’s depressing when you are just making do with what will work. One more step in getting moving on.

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