{October 3, 2016}   Can We Please Move

The kids have been asking all weekend if we can move away. This hurricane that is out there they are saying may come our way and they are thinking it is going to be pretty strong. Bad enough we are going to have to leave. I am thinking that if it hits and it is more than a 1 and even then maybe hour house isn’t going to be good. I think the house would be fine we have a new roof and things. But I an worried that one of these trees may fall on it. I have about 5 large pine trees all around my house. No one has cut them or anything in I don’t know when. The places sat here empty for almost a year and I have been here going on 3 years. I have told them and told them they need cut and things. Not only that we have had two trees just fall over in the last 6 months to year from all the rain right across from my house. Even if the storm isn’t strong enough to knock them down all the rain they might just fall over. They fall toward the house they will mostly likely come through it. So even if it was only a 1 or 2 I still need to find somewhere to go in case that happens because they say we are going to get a lot of rain and my yard already is mushy in places and standing water.

The kids keep saying if we have to leave we can just rent something somewhere else and stay because most likely we will go out of state at least a state or maybe two away. The said we will be there we won’t have to worry about the cost to get there and that if a tree falls on our house most of our stuff will be ruined and if the storm is bad enough we will probably have nothing left. If we have to start over then we may as well do it where we are.

I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it. They have a point. really what is the biggest excuse when you are trying to make a move out of state? The cost to go so far, the cost to get all your stuff there, the cost of starting over. I still have some money, I will still get SSI every month and I will still get the child support every month. I will have the same money there as I have here. The odds are I could find something at least a few $100 cheaper than what I am paying here, so I would be saving money every month. We just started getting stuff for our house and have nice furniture and things but if I stay or go if something happens to the house what is left is what is left because I can’t pack everything and take it with me to save it all from the storm. It’s not like I will have anymore or any less where ever I am.

I have decided if we have to leave I am taking my truck and we are going to go in it. When we get where ever we decide to go I am going to go look around and explore see what the area is like. We are going to check out places to rent, schools, jobs, daycare and all that. If we don’t like were we are we are going to branch out a little bit and explore other areas around us as well.

The only big thing that may hold me back or I have to worry about is going to court to go. I told Father of The Year what they were saying and wanting to do. He said he don’t blame them he wouldn’t be coming back if it was bad here either. I would just file emergency papers to get in court and ask to do it by phone and that the kids are able to speak as well and let their wishes be heard. If it is cheaper to live there and things and something was to happen to my house I think that I can get them to let us stay even if he wanted to fight it.

Like I told my friend if my house is destroyed we can’t live in it I can not get anything cheaper here or comparable in size for the price. I have no where to go or stay here, what am I supposed to go live with my mom who I do not get along with and everyone is miserable? No where will rent to me here because the rent is so high and they want you to make 3x the amount of rent or they won’t let you rent it. Here I would need to bring in about $3000 a month to show 3x the rent. I wouldn’t show that even if I was working. If I show that I found a place to rent to me I have my rent paid up for a few months and that the kids want to be there and it is better for us over all than here then I think they will let us stay.

Not that any of this is going to be something I am going to have to worry about anyway, everything is probably going to be fine and done. The only thing I won’t have if I go somewhere else is daycare and the scholarships for the kids. They will have to go to public school and my little one may not get to go. She will be upset about that but I am sure I can probably work on getting help and get her in school there too even if just for half a day.

I am sure everyone will be mad if we were to do that but if it is what is best for us and what works best for us then that is what we will do.

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